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Post by gamer @ 04:59pm 10/06/10 | 26 Comments
For the World of Warcraft fans, Cataclysm talent calculators for rogue, shaman, priest and druid are now available over on wowtal.com. The talent change notes for these classes are also available: rogue, shaman, priest and druid.

Some interesting changes. Not only talent wise but also diversity wise. When you factor in the fact the tree didn't grow in length you get quite a few interesting builds (Tree druid with silence and charge - holy cow!) promoted/edited forum item

world of warcraftcataclysm
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:11pm 10/6/10
Druid feral talent called "Nom nom nom"? Doesn't sound terribly real
Posted 05:13pm 10/6/10
You should probably spell Cataclysm properly before you hope too hard for a promote :P
Posted 05:17pm 10/6/10
Some of those disc priest talents are whack, talents that make smite better, and make smite build up a buff that increases your healing? Why the hell would I be casting smite if I'm healing? I'm confused.
Posted 05:20pm 10/6/10
Why the hell would I be casting smite if I'm healing?

Posted 05:21pm 10/6/10
Thanks Khel.

Yeah the priest changes look great. I see an all round increase in the number of talents that will require movement. Movement will be a massive part of cata. If you dont move right, you'll lose quickly.

The druid silence for example is 12 seconds long! The way you get around it, is to move out of the 'beam' it makes. Thats the longest silence in the game if you dont move post haste ;)

The disc priest 'shield barrier' isnt cast on players, instead creates an area that you stand inside that absords damage.

Very. Very. Cool. Pvp looks like its going to be so much fun now they are focusing on old battlegrounds and not e-sports arenas :)
Posted 05:23pm 10/6/10
Oh also, the priest spell that can 'pull' a player out of harms way to the priest :)
Posted 05:30pm 10/6/10
Yeah, does seem to be a bit of focus on improving abilities while on the move, theres that disc talent that lets you channel penance on the move, and a sweet sounding shadow talent that gives you a chance to summon a shadowy apparition that floats towards your target and damages it if it reaches it (and the chance to summon it increases hugely if you're on the move).

Some pretty fun sounding stuff in there, I'm a bit disappointed in holy though, no really cool additions to it and thats my favourite spec :( They just seem to have re-arranged things, renamed Serendipity for some reason, and added some kind of useless things I could never see myself taking (improved holy nova? I mean really?)
Posted 05:39pm 10/6/10
Chakra is the key talent in the holy tree. Designed to allow the holy priest to be able to momentarily focus on a certain type of healing to better effect.

edit: pity about the pre-req talents :(
Posted 05:57pm 10/6/10
Really hanging out for Hunter and Warlock trees as they are who I play when I do play WoW.
Posted 05:58pm 10/6/10
Paladin will be last :-(
Posted 06:05pm 10/6/10
they've finally found a way to make lightwell useful to talent for lol
Posted 06:09pm 10/6/10
the problem with lightwell is players dont take responsibility for their own hitpoints. they leave that to the healer. so even if you put a damn lightwell right next to a meleegroup as they dps and they drop, they wont right click it to save their lives! they will just stab stab stab die.
Posted 06:21pm 10/6/10
Lightwell sounds more useless than ever now if movement is going to be such a big factor of cata.

And the chakra thing doesn't interest me much, I don't think I have EVER cast 3 prayers of healing in a row, and I don't think I ever would, and then you would have to cast more prayers of healing after that just to get the benefit. Its mostly going to end up on the heal boosting chakra cos thats what you'll be doing most 3 times in a row. Except for the times you drop a few renews, then all that achieves is you lose your helpful heal boost and gain a completely useless renew boost that will be overwritten a few seconds later once you've cast 3 heals again. So really, all it achieves is it penalises you for throwing renews on people, because if you renew more than two people in a row, you lose your healing boost.

I mean, the heal chakra effect it gives is pretty nice, but the rest of it just seems useless, and its not a very fun talent compared to the barrier in disc or the apparition in shadow.
Posted 07:50pm 10/6/10
I found raid healing in ulduar and ToC 10 man to sometimes require some serious AoE healing output where even as a disc priest I was spamming Prayer of Healing like it was the last thing on earth.

Incoming damage to a raid was a lot more interesting past Naxx. Bosses would often shift into AoE pwnage mode, which would require the heals to follow suit, then into a single target damage attack where a single raid member would take a crapload of damage. And of course there is tank healing where you just spam your single target heals. Being able to fit all those niches when the need arises would be pretty powerful and flexible.

How it plays out though really comes down to how they design the encounters in cata and how the damage is spread.

I agree with gamers+khels summation of lightwell. People having to do something to heal themselves just doesn't seem to work. On the odd occasion I spent a point in lolwell, I mainly used it as a self heal. However, I clearly remember lolwell being singled out in a presentation at blizzcon about what they want to do with priests, so I'm praying they still are looking to change it.
Posted 07:53pm 10/6/10
Disc tree for priest seems weird. I'd have to purchase a whole bunch of talents that have minimal use for PVE healing. On the up side I stopped playing months ago.
Posted 08:04pm 10/6/10
Yeah, prayer of healing is good for aoe healing, of course, but you never cast it three times in a row, thats just retarded. You'd do something like a few flash heals to build up serendipity stacks, then a hasted prayer of healing, then a circle of healing, and rinse repeat. And you'd probably proc surge of light off the prayer of healing and/or the circle of healing and get some free instant flash heals to build up serendipity even faster. I can't see chain casting prayer of healing ever being a good idea really, admitedly I never healed ulduar, but reading forums and stuff it sounds like that same sort of rotation was used for healing the aoe damage in ulduar too.

There may be some rare edge cases where you end up spamming prayer of healing, but even then, are you really going to be spamming it enough to make use of that talent since the bonus doesn't even kick in until your fourth prayer of healing?

But yeah, I really enjoy the flexibility a priest has too, I got dual specs, with a disc and a holy spec and its great being able to swap between the two for different fights as needed and fill any role. Dreamwalker is my current fav fight cos I can go holy and pull like 19k hps :P
Posted 09:05pm 10/6/10
I imagine the holy AoE rotation would change to pumping out 3 PoHs then with the reduced cooldown on CoH mixing that in with whatever else suits your fancy for the 20 seconds of the buff. I agree that there's a fair bit of initial investment to get that buff.
Posted 10:38am 11/6/10
It seams to me that serendipity works against sacra? One is about rewarding the player for diversity in healing and one is rewarding spam. I guess you could stretch that and call it 'filling a unfilled neiche'.
Posted 11:21am 11/6/10
Serendipity is still there, its just called deliverance now, and has been massively nerfed. So lame. If that prayer of healing Chakra hasted the prayer of healing and made it cast faster, I think it'd be more useful than a boost in power, I mean it has such a painfully long cast time, if theres serious aoe damage going on, people will be dying in the time between casts. Doesn't make sense to me, unless theres ability changes we don't know about.
Posted 12:50pm 11/6/10
i dps more in arenas as a disc priest than i do heal, this news pleases me
Posted 01:05pm 11/6/10
The talents on wowtal.com are the current Alpha ones.
The ones that were the on the mmo-c front page and the wowhead talent calculator came from Blizzard and are old.

That said there's still a LOT of work still to be done on the talent trees. They're just working on the first pass at the moment.
Posted 05:59pm 11/6/10
wow mmochamp just got taken down...
Posted 06:18pm 11/6/10
They're just upgrading.
Posted 10:26pm 11/6/10
Have you played with that priest "life grip" spell Rukh? Is it awesome mad fun? Thats probably the one thing I'm looking forward to the most.
Posted 12:15am 12/6/10
Nah. The level cap is 82 at the moment on alpha servers and Life Grip is a level 85 spell.
Posted 10:26am 12/6/10
Shaman Enhancement tree

Ancestral Swiftness
rank 3

Increases movement speed by 15%.

Oh no they didn't.

"Edit" it's only 23 down as well so other specs could pick it up as well, that has to be getting changed.

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