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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:15am 09/06/10 | 30 Comments
The internet is abuzz with rumour, speculation and puzzlement over a mysterious countdown clock that has appeared on www.rareware.com, home of Rare, former Nintendo second-party developer who are currently owned by Microsoft Game Studios.

The countdown is obviously related to E3, and if I had to put any guesses out there, it would also be related very specifically to Natal. We haven't heard much from Rare other than their work on the Xbox Live Avatar system, and given the countdown also features an Avatar, it's likely the system will also be employed in whatever it is they're revealing.

Rare are most notably remembered for their efforts on the N64 with the likes of Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Star Fox Adventures. Their games for Microsoft have been sub-par at best, with most suggesting they're but a shell of their former self with most original leads off and doing their own thing.

Any thoughts on what they could be holding up their sleeve?

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Posted 08:18am 09/6/10
Must be typo day, you've got "Coult" instead of "Could".
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:42am 09/6/10
s***! thanks for pointing them out - this keyboard sucks
Posted 08:57am 09/6/10
Donkey Kong Country 9 for Wii!
Posted 09:23am 09/6/10
oh that sounds interesting... lol at the moment i am actually looking for SNES to buy. I miss the old nintendo days
Posted 09:40am 09/6/10
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts by Rare early last year shows that the developer is still pretty much on-top of their game, I will be intrigued to see what they can squeeze out of Natal if that is what they are working on.
Posted 09:40am 09/6/10
obvious advice: check ebay tit, my little bro bought me one for xmas off there 2 years ago and it wasn't stupidly expensive. managed to find me some great games too like secret of mana, donkey kong country and super metroid :)
Posted 09:46am 09/6/10
Rareware used to be my favorite game developer back in the snes/n64 days.

Killer Instinct, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong country series, battletoads are some of my favorite games hands down.

Personally i would prefer to see a Killer Instinct 3 but sadly i don't see it happening.

What happened to their old logo :( ?

Posted 09:44am 09/6/10
Posted 10:05am 09/6/10
Snake Rattle and Roll
Posted 10:42am 09/6/10
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts by Rare early last year shows that the developer is still pretty much on-top of their game, I will be intrigued to see what they can squeeze out of Natal if that is what they are working on.

That's one game i've been meaning to buy. Was a MASSIVE banjo kazooie/rare fan but just felt dirty on a xbox. should be able to pick it up cheap.

And my bet is that it's killer instinct 3. they've been hinting it for years.
Posted 11:00am 09/6/10
KI3 would go nicely with the half life 3 that im hopeing valve to announce :D
Posted 11:01am 09/6/10
haha, i cant believe my hi-larious quote of steves typo got nuked
Posted 11:19am 09/6/10
Oh don't get my hopes up on KI3.

If it's true i'll buy you a copy of it

(but you'll have to pay me back, cash, all in 20's).
Posted 02:40pm 09/6/10
i hope its a bad fur day sequel or remake that would be f*****g sweet.
Posted 02:52pm 09/6/10
Yeah, remake a game that was originally made less than 10 years ago and already has a remake.
Posted 03:16pm 09/6/10
Rare still kick arse. Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts and Viva Pinata are both awesome.
Posted 03:29pm 09/6/10
Another Jim.
Posted 04:43pm 09/6/10
Wait...what mediocre rare games are you talking about steve? I was unaware there was some...0_0

Also the new logo sucks arse, give us the awesome gold one.
Posted 05:33pm 09/6/10
I'd say Perfect Dark Zero and Grabbed by the Ghoulies were pretty mediocre.

Also, I only just noticed another error in the OP: It was Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox: Dinosaur Planet was the working name.
Posted 05:37pm 09/6/10
Kameo was pretty average too
Posted 05:44pm 09/6/10
I never played nuts and bolts. Worth a look hey?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:04am 10/6/10
grabbed by the ghoulies and pd zero were both rubbish, bad fr day didn't alter much of what we already had on N64, and while Viva Pinata was good, it just wasnt my cup of tea. Oh and Kameo was pretty average too.

Bring back Blast Corpse or Jet Force Gemini - those two games owned.
Posted 01:02pm 10/6/10
grabbed by the ghoulies
Aha i didn't think that game would even get a mention amongst sub-par games developed by Rare under MS - mainly because it was so rubbish.
Posted 07:20pm 10/6/10
Goldeneye on n64 best console multiplayer ever for a group of 4 mates.... ahh the hose.
Posted 08:01pm 10/6/10
up there for best console fps evar?
locational damage?
awesome multiplayer?>
unreal story?>
ground breaking when released?

yes to everything
Posted 08:04pm 10/6/10
Great fps maybe, but it was on the wrong console.
Posted 08:08pm 10/6/10
n64 was awesome :(
Posted 08:10pm 10/6/10
Great fps maybe, but it was on the wrong console.

what a lamer
Posted 08:24pm 10/6/10
but it was on the wrong console

N64 was the s***.
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