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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:17am 05/06/10 | 71 Comments
AusGamers was lucky enough to grab the debut cinematic trailer for Deus Ex 3, which should sate fans ahead of what we'll obviously be seeing at this year's E3.

While the game is Warren Spectreless, his legacy lives on and the team have done a spectacular job of maintaining the series' overall vision and style, which should keep old Deus Exers happy while also bringing in a whole new audience.

We'll be checking the game out at E3, but before then watch the debut trailer right here on AusGamers.

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Posted 02:54am 05/6/10
f*** f*** f*** mother f*** f*** f*** noise noise noise Deus Ex 3!
Posted 02:59am 05/6/10

Going to be the best E3 ever? (you heard it hear first folks!!)
Posted 03:07am 05/6/10
Maybe i shouldn't be playing n64 games and get back to deus ex which i never played through..

That was really something.
Posted 03:09am 05/6/10
Looks like they've got the deus ex theme done right. Hope their work on Thief is just as good.
Posted 04:21am 05/6/10
Holy s***, that looks epic.
Posted 04:36am 05/6/10
^ I Agree.
Posted 08:51am 05/6/10
Another pre-rendered video?
Posted 09:03am 05/6/10
That looked bad ass.

Love the rembrandt reference.

The anatomy lesson of Dr. Tulp
Posted 09:35am 05/6/10
fPot hasn't posted yet?

OOOO, that does look good.

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Posted 10:04am 05/6/10
um that looked way awesome and the protagonist looks like he could completely decimate Neo and Morpheous combined in a fight. I didn't play any of the previous Deus Ex's, does that make me a noobster suffering from ostio-noobalitius?
Posted 10:10am 05/6/10
after that trailer, i think i can only be disappointed with the actual game
Posted 10:37am 05/6/10
i played the s*** out of the first dues ex game demo, i thought it was pretty cool, but never touched the full game.

That trailer looks awesome, but need actual gameplay to really decide.
Posted 11:16am 05/6/10
Posted 12:04pm 05/6/10
mind = blown
Posted 12:06pm 05/6/10
The CGI looks good but I won't get my hopes up until i see some game-play footage.
Posted 12:28pm 05/6/10
Deus ex is one of the best games ever made. People who havent played it are missing out.

Very excited about this one, being a prequel is a bit of a worry but we'll see.
Posted 12:40pm 05/6/10
i played the s*** out of the first dues ex game demo, i thought it was pretty cool, but never touched the full game.
Play the full game immediately.
Posted 12:41pm 05/6/10
I just hope they use the cyber enhancements well, with a lot of utility applications. I realllly hope the developers have played copious amounts of Shadowrun (the paper and book game, not computer game).
Posted 12:55pm 05/6/10
For anyone thinking of playing Deus Ex again, grab one of the updated renderers:
D3D 10
D3D 9 and Open GL
Posted 12:56pm 05/6/10
.. How is this the debut trailer when the debut trailer came out in 2007?

I admit its a good trailer but its not the debut trailer.
Posted 01:22pm 05/6/10
Because a teaser isn't a trailer.
Posted 01:25pm 05/6/10
Deus Ex was absolutely mind blowingly awesome.
Deux Ex2, not so much.

I'll probably wait till we can actually play the game a little before I get all gaga over #3.
Posted 05:43pm 05/6/10
That was hawt, never played the other Dues X's but I'll keep a keen eye on this.
Posted 02:08pm 05/6/10
Deus Ex2 was garbage.
Reverend Evil
Posted 02:15pm 05/6/10
Holy f***. The music to that trailer was f*****g awesome.
Posted 02:57pm 05/6/10
Yeah, the music was fantastic, had a real Bladerunner vibe to it
Posted 04:21pm 05/6/10
Wow. Mind blown indeed. No CGI trailer has been that epic, if so, show me.
Posted 04:23pm 05/6/10
apparently SE is making all the cutscenes and trailers so eidos can focus on the game.
Posted 04:26pm 05/6/10
Yeah, the music was fantastic, had a real Bladerunner vibe to it

yeah lots of sweet cyberpunk goodness. reminded me of shadowrun as well
Posted 06:27pm 05/6/10
I heard that DE2 was balls and as such have avoided it. Hoping that this redeems the franchise.
Posted 06:50pm 05/6/10
what sort of game is deus ex?
Posted 06:55pm 05/6/10
Posted 06:55pm 05/6/10
first person [shooter] rpg done correctly
Posted 06:55pm 05/6/10
It's like a cross between FPS, RPG and Adventure.

Primarily it's an FPS, but has RPG elements such as choosing what kind of augmentation upgrades you choose, each which give you different kinds of advantages over other choices. As far as adventure, the storyline is incredible and multithreaded, ultimately with three different endings.
Posted 06:57pm 05/6/10
Theres also a high res mod for textures and models out. May look into playing the original again as I never got past the 1st island
Posted 08:10pm 05/6/10
wow, what a trailer...lets watch that again!
Posted 08:38pm 05/6/10
lol DM, the first part was the worst of the game, no idea why they chose that for the demo.
Posted 08:51pm 05/6/10
Do you need to play number 2 first?

I never did cause it was s***.
Posted 09:07pm 05/6/10
And i jizzed in my pants..
Posted 09:08pm 05/6/10
You mean that wasn't a movie trailer!!!!! O_o

Loved the first game.
Posted 09:35pm 05/6/10
no rrrocket it's a prequel.
Posted 10:16pm 05/6/10


or are you s***ting me?
Posted 10:20pm 05/6/10
Oh god I hope this works out well, outside Ghost in the Shell there hasn't been anything good to come out cyberpunk wise since the days of the original Deus Ex.

Funny though, I've just recently been going through my collection of cyberpunk games/movies... just finished watching Johnny Mnemonic a couple of hours ago.
Posted 12:25am 06/6/10
Upgrade your Deus Ex Tutorial via the Steam forums. I'm in the process of setting it up now. Great so far on win7 ult 64bit. amd64 3800+x2, 8500GTs of pure hardcoreness, 1920x1200.

I only just found the steam thread but had found most of the gear listed separately, can't wait to play it again actually heh.
Posted 02:45am 06/6/10
No rrrocket, it's a prequel. That's why their augmentations are very visible.

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Posted 12:31pm 06/6/10
Posted 02:33pm 06/6/10
Gotta say, the music in that trailer is f*****g epic.
Posted 03:14pm 06/6/10
So i've tried 3 times to start a new game of Deus Ex 1.

Attempt 1.) got shot in the back from the stupid robot guarding the statue
Attempt 2.) Got shot point blank in the head with a sniper rifle
Attempt 3.) Tried to bust open an apparantly explosive crate with a baton

All with no auto save. Yeah this game is awesome.
Posted 03:16pm 06/6/10
Wow, you really do suck.
Posted 03:33pm 06/6/10
It's not retard friendly.
Posted 04:25pm 06/6/10
And DM proves once again that consoles trully are screwing over the gamer way of life to retardation.

One game at a time.
Posted 04:30pm 06/6/10
felt the original game in that - this will be a must play scenario without doubt

Posted 04:34pm 06/6/10
Yeah I was in 1 of my retard moments where I kept dying to stupid s*** and being a moron. It carried over into TF2 the same night. Will try again tonight to not be a dumbass
Posted 04:36pm 06/6/10
Attempt 1.) got shot in the back from the stupid robot guarding the statue
You suck. If you explore the UNATCO compound properly you'll find an EMP grenade that easily takes care of that robot. Unless you mean the friendly one, in which case you still suck. Get the f*** out of the way.
Attempt 2.) Got shot point blank in the head with a sniper rifle
You suck.
Attempt 3.) Tried to bust open an apparantly explosive crate with a baton

Stick to hopscotch.

edit: :P
Posted 05:06pm 06/6/10
signing in to say, i played, loved and finished the first deus ex

avoided the second one

willing to trade son to get hands on third
Posted 05:21pm 06/6/10

Hey the crate was blue and yellow. How the s*** am I supposed to know it's explosive? I can't agrue against the first 2 points though.
Posted 05:54pm 06/6/10
I just wish they'd remake Thief 1 & 2.
Posted 05:54pm 06/6/10
Learn to save more often? Since when did dying and not having a recent save become the games fault? Maybe if all it had was autosave, you'd have a valid argument, but when the game let's you save at any time, you have no excuse.

Having said that, I never made it past that first island either. I played the demo, then when I got the full game my save got corrupted just after I finished the island, and I couldn't be bothered going through it for a third time. I might give it another go with this high res stuff, since I keep hearing how awesome it was and how that island at the start is the worst part.
Posted 07:52pm 06/6/10
I just wish they'd remake Thief 1 & 2

I don't. They'd just end up butchering it. Now if fans made a high res mod for it instead now that would be kick ass. There is a Thief mod for Doom 3 called The Dark Mod and it has a bunch of fan made maps as well. I'm gonna download it tonight and see how it turns out. If you have your D3 CDs laying around it may be time to fire it up again and test it out.

Heres hoping Thief 4 is actually decent. Not that T3 was horrible but it certainly wasn't anywhere near as good as #2 or even #1. Hope they keep to the mission structure as the first 2 and skip the whole hub deal in #3. That was balls.

Also for everyone who missed it, here is Yahtzee's take on the thief series
Posted 03:02am 07/6/10
I too played the s*** out of the demo, which is the (excellent) tutorial plus the first mission of the game, and the demo addon which is the second level.
Must have played the first mission over two hundred times, and still fire it up occasionally.

When I began, the only way I could get through it was to shoot everyone. Now I can take pretty much any possible path through the map and use any technique I like even on Realistic (hardest) difficulty - my favourite is to sneak up behind everyone and baton / riot prod / trank dart them into unconsciousness. :D
Sneaking is usually the most fun, not to mention the most challenging, but hacking gun turrets to kill everyone or simply taking the enemies out with a sniper rifle makes a nice change now and then.

Autosave... lol. The game has both a quicksave and a regular save function, and saves take but a fraction of a second. Learn to use them.

Other than it being rather difficult for beginners, I really don't see what people are talking about when they say the first mission sucks. I loved it, and after playing through it a couple of times I absolutely HAD to acquire the full game.
Ran out and got it from the first GameTraders I could find for $30 in around 2004, and it's probably my most played game ever.

Deus Ex 2 sucks a fat one. Let us say no more about it.

Agree with others - the music in this new trailer is incredible, as is the trailer in general, and the protagonist gave me chills of the best sort. I expected to dislike it, and was proved utterly wrong.
The mechanical augmentations and abilities look insanely fun and cool, as do the hints at the storyline with people being forced to perform acts against their will (the guy being caught and immediately shooting himself while begging for help).
However, since it's just all just prerendered cinematics it doesn't tell us much about the actual game, and I find myself rather wishing they'd made an entire movie that looked like the trailer rather than a game, since the game probably won't live up to the memory of the first, but that trailer sure did.

Still, we can hope.
Posted 08:32am 07/6/10
I bought it a few months ago on Steam, but didn't even get past the training stuff. The graphics are soooo dated. Is the story that good that I should force myself to get over the fact that my graphics card is not getting worked?

I'm able to fire up some seriously old school games now because I have the memories of just how awesome the game was back in the day, but with this I have no memories of awesome, I just see large chunky pixels.
Posted 10:57am 07/6/10
If all you see are large chunky pixels then you fail as a gamer and probably wouldn't make it past the first island anyway.
Posted 05:49pm 07/6/10
where the f** is diablo3
Posted 01:13am 09/6/10
I don't think they should call this Deux Ex. The original was a great mixing of rpg/shooting/adventure/stealth. Easily one of the best and def in my top 10 games. This game, I'm willing to bet off the teaser, will be a linear shoot 'em up with the obligatory stealth section, if that.
Posted 01:14am 09/6/10
euph whereabouts do you live on the gc I reckon we should meet up so I can bash the f*** out of you.

threats of violence may be made in jest
Posted 04:18pm 09/6/10
Bashings just aren't the same when not at a qgl lan.

I take it by your threat of violence that I indeed should take the time to play the game?
Posted 08:47pm 09/6/10
Posted 10:35pm 09/6/10
I like even on Realistic (hardest) difficulty - my favourite is to sneak up behind everyone and baton / riot prod / trank dart them into unconsciousness. :D

I played the entire game without killing anybody, knocked them out, tasered them or poison darts - but never kill.
Posted 11:43am 10/6/10
How did you not kill Anna Navarre?
Posted 05:16pm 09/12/10
oh god. i think i just soiled myself.

Best looking game ever!
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