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Post by Dan @ 04:33pm 03/06/10 | 12 Comments
Today's AusGamers review is Blur, the latest car racing title from genre veterens Bizarre Creations - the UK outfit most well known for the Project Gotham Racing games.

Our very own Shufti (who admits to not being much of a simulation racing game fan) puts Blur through it's paces with respectable results.
Blur is a hectic, super stylish racer that is loads of fun. It's part Mario Kart, part Burnout and part Modern Warfare. What more could you want from a racing game? Hardcore fans of racing sims may not be impressed given Blur's decidedly arcade approach to racing, but most people will have a ball. Highly recommended.
Catch all the finer points in this in-depth review.

Blur is now in-stores everywhere for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:37pm 03/6/10
Wow a 9.

Waiting for a review on Split second to decide between the two.
Posted 05:11pm 03/6/10
multiplayer is lots of fun. Definitely prefer it over split second for MP alone.
Posted 05:14pm 03/6/10
Ya i just gave the split second demo a go. While i like the whole destructive environment aspect and planes crashing towards you.. ahem.. it still feels pretty slow and heavy compared to burnout.
Posted 05:55pm 03/6/10
I ended up buying them both, but I only just got Split/Second so I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Loved the demo though. Blur is a lot of fun though, its Project Gotham (which I loved) mashed with mario kart, and the combination works so much better than I thought it would. I bought it spontaneously last week when I was in JB hifi, mainly based on how much I enjoyed Bizarre Creations' games in the past, and I'm glad I did.

I'm not much of a fan of super realistic racing sims, but I always loved the Project Gotham games, they seem to tread this extremely enjoyable line between arcade racer and sim. Its like an arcade racer that makes you feel like you're driving a sim, without having to put in all the work of actually driving a sim. I don't know enough about cars and car racing to ever be any good at super realistic driving games, but Project Gotham always hit exactly the right note for me.
Posted 06:46pm 03/6/10
Why does the AG Blur page only say Xbox 360? Isn't this out for PC/PS3 as well?
Posted 01:12am 04/6/10
This is correct kos ^+^
Posted 02:53am 04/6/10
Tycho's review of Blur:
and his follow-up, after release:

Additionally, a Split/Second demo review:

In summary, Split/Second may well be the better pick, unless the issues with Blur are resolved.
Posted 06:21am 04/6/10
i havent played blur but whoever the d******* is that thought it was a good idea to cap a racing game at 30FPS and pack it with motiion blur has put me off split/second.
Posted 06:59am 04/6/10
oo it has an S3, looks like i'll have to get it then :)
Posted 07:54am 04/6/10
Still waiting for it to be released on steam :(
Posted 09:18am 04/6/10
Sounds to me like Tycho only went off Blur cos of some bugs in the multiplayer, I haven't had any problems like that yet so I'm still loving it.

I agree with Mitch, Blur offers a better multiplayer experience, but Split/Second is still some ridiculously fun arcade racing.
Posted 09:20am 04/6/10
I haven't had any problems like that yet so I'm still loving it.
have you found the cheats with unlimited powerups yet?
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