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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:35am 28/05/10 | 25 Comments
The latest Wall Street evaluations have put Apple ahead of Microsoft, making it the world's most valuable technology company, claims The New York Times.

The race is close, but Apple pulled ahead of Microsoft, after years of competition, with a net value of USD$222.12 billion while Microsoft rested at USD$219.18 billion. However, revenue for Microsoft is still larger, with USD$58.4 billion over Apple's USD$42.9 billion. In terms of net worth, the only company ahead of Apple was Exxon Mobil which was valued at USD$278.64 billion. "Consumer tastes have overtaken the needs of business as the leading force shaping technology," the Times suggests.

Obviously much of Apple's growth is owing to the success of the iPhone, but it's interesting to see them pull ahead. Microsoft have a clearer stake in the game's market, but even those grounds are beginning to be tread on by Apple - the next few years are definitely going to be interesting.


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Posted 08:42am 28/5/10
take that apple haters, you're now the minority
considering that microsoft compete in so many more markets than apple, I'm pretty shocked by this news

especially when you consider their games market ^
I guess they don't really sell hardware though, so that's a pretty big step up for Apple
Posted 08:43am 28/5/10

you know microsoft is one of apple's largest shareholders, right?
Posted 08:46am 28/5/10
I don't see how that is at all relevant when you're considering their profits, it just means that eventually Apple will become Appl
the point of this story is that Apple are better at the internets and computers than microsoft, as if we didn't know that already

Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:46am 28/5/10
Apple need to worry about Google, not Microsoft
Posted 08:49am 28/5/10
i hate apple mail. Gmail for the win

in fact, i hate everything about apple.
Posted 08:49am 28/5/10
I think we all need to worry about Google just a little bit

Don't be evil
Posted 09:06am 28/5/10
Apple need to worry about Google, not Microsoft

hahahaha :D
Posted 09:19am 28/5/10
take that apple haters, you're now the minority
considering that microsoft compete in so many more markets than apple, I'm pretty shocked by this news
Apple's share price, like their hardware, is massively overinflated by factors of shiny, weird, and Jobsnessosity.

Unsurprising, but I think it's awesome news. The fires are slowly being lit under Microsoft with all this massively increased competition - Apple has, for the first time in 20 years, taken a noticeable chunk out of the desktop market, and Google are s***ting on them online. More and more people are switching to open source solutions and they're failing to display adaptability. I still think they make awesome products and with some more focus on open standards and interoperability it will be a whole new ball game!
Posted 10:03am 28/5/10
you know microsoft is one of apple's largest shareholders, right?
Is this true? That's hilarious.
Posted 10:06am 28/5/10
Well, not having a mobile and the only thing related to Apple being quicktime on my PC, I really don't care. I'd have to agree with the share price though Trog.
Posted 10:09am 28/5/10
you know microsoft is one of apple's largest shareholders, right?

They use to be, and they were a silent non voting share holder. They sold there share a number of years back now. (i remember having this argument with mongie ages ago that microsoft were a majority share holder but he never believed me cause he's a giant plasma loving noob)

currently the share holders are listed here
Posted 10:16am 28/5/10
Posted 12:41pm 28/5/10
Which sector do apple make most of their profit in?
Posted 12:43pm 28/5/10
Gotta be mobile devices
Posted 01:03pm 28/5/10
in fact, i hate everything about apple.

Hate is such a strong word, but i have to agree I too not a Apple fan and have a no Apple buying policy that has served me well till now, but I do cheer them on in toppling our old evil overloads... Will the world be big enough for Steve Job's ego now Apple is the number 1 tech company?
Posted 01:12pm 28/5/10
take that apple haters, you're now the minority

Apple users are still the minority.
Posted 01:27pm 28/5/10
It's only market capitalisation, look at M$'s revenue etc they are still bigger.

Microsoft still enjoys higher profits than Apple. Its most recent annual net profit was $14.6 billion, compared with $5.7 billion for Apple. Microsoft also reported bigger full-year revenues of $58.4 billion, compared with Apple on $36.5 billion.
Posted 01:33pm 28/5/10
from my understanding the only reason apple are excelling microsoft in this reguard is because apple entered the GFC with no debt's where as microsoft did. Thus the worth of microsoft dropped and apples excelled. However microsoft still turns over a bigger profit.
Posted 01:39pm 28/5/10
Which sector do apple make most of their profit in?
The sad thing is, probably itunes... and i think it is the worst part about apple.
Posted 01:41pm 28/5/10
When steam comes out on linux both of these companies can DIAF :D
Posted 02:01pm 28/5/10
market cap = share price * no. shares on issue = value of equity in the company. this obviously is constantly changing with the share price and is interpreted as the value the market places on the equity of the company at a given point in time. thus whether MSFT or AAPL had a large balance of debt at the beginning of the GFC (mid 08) wouldn't really be affecting the market cap today overly much, except in a historical sense (i.e. this may have caused the price/mcap to take a hit in the past, but wouldn't be a direct factor in changes in the market cap today - unless they're still having issues with their debt capital today).

it's also a little misleading to say that AAPL is now the most valuable technology company. what is correct to say is that it has the highest value of equity of technology companies. the total value of a company = value of debt + value of equity.

it's fairly amusing that the market values these two investments at around the same price.

if i had to choose between two investments which cost practically the same but one had a cash flow 3x higher than the other one, i know which one i'd go for.

this can be interpreted in various ways. you could argue that the higher value of equity the market has placed on AAPL implicitly assumes a drastically higher growth rate in returns to equity than that of MSFT or you could argue that the market has overvalued the asset.

i would argue it's likely to be a bit of both.
Posted 04:54pm 28/5/10
Take that Atheists, you're still the minority, that makes you wrong and the religious people right.
You are a terrible poster of internet posts, sir.
Posted 05:58pm 28/5/10
Microsoft can survive losing Ballmer, Apple can't survive losing Steve Jobs.
Posted 06:24pm 28/5/10
this just makes me lol even harder about apple consumers
Posted 11:48am 29/5/10
You know how apples done this? Using music piracy to sell ipods.
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