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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:22am 25/05/10 | 7 Comments
CD Projekt's The Witcher series will be making a return to glory soon, and they've been steadily releasing screenshots for the game, which we have more of for you today. These are all taken from the PC build, and as you can no doubt see, it's looking very lush indeed.

Recently CD Projekt canned a console-driven iteration of their famed series, The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, refocusing development on what we're seeing here today. Currently Assassins of Kings is also due to hit consoles, but the lead platform is obviously PC, which should definitely sate the audience. Click on the images below to be transported to our screenshot library.

assassins of kingsscreenshotsthe witcher 2pccd projekt

Latest Comments
Posted 11:26am 25/5/10
Only the first image actually works, the second gives me a 404 and the third doesn't seem to do anything.
Posted 12:27pm 25/5/10
lots of polish there
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:30pm 25/5/10
fixed, again :(

don't know why it keeps breaking
Posted 01:02pm 25/5/10
That actually looks pretty nice, I usually don't like that style.
Posted 01:30pm 25/5/10
Looks great, I have still yet to finish the first game, so many things to do in that game... I love how in the original people in towns react to the weather and such, Im hoping they keep it up to par with the original.

Anyone know when they might be releasing system requirements? Id prefer to get this on pc, but I have a feeing my pc might be underpowered for some games coming out.

My pc specs are...

Nvidia 8600Gt 512 MB videocard
3 GB of Ram
Intel core 2 duo E8500 @ 3.16 ghz
Windows XP
Posted 06:24pm 25/5/10
looks damn good. Makes me want to go back and try to finish the first one.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 07:55pm 25/5/10
I was almost finished the first one when I had to stop (hard drive wipe) and just couldnt muster the energy to go back and play it, but I'll be lining up for this one!
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