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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:23am 24/05/10 | 15 Comments
The Dead Space 2 media run has begun with a sprint, with EA capping things off last week at a pre-E3 showing (we weren't there unfortunately) prior to the main event itself. We have an all-new video available here and you can check out a batch of new screens showing off the game's even more impressive visuals, as well what look to be new Rigs for Isaac as well as some familiar distorted, gory faces.

Dead Space 2 is currently due for a Q1 2011 release, though it's suggested we'll be back cutting through Necromorph limbs early January. Check out the new screens right here as well as some samples below.

dead space 2eascreenshotsvisceral games
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:07am 24/5/10
Wasn't Ishimura destroyed?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:35am 24/5/10
errr yeah (damn, game spoiled - I hadn't quite finished it yet :P)
Posted 11:22am 24/5/10
I don't remember it being destroyed? The colony at the end gets destroyed, but I don't think the Ishimura ever was. Been a few years since I played it though.
Posted 12:15pm 24/5/10
Visuals look great, but I think I should tell you that when I click the link it takes me to a top 10 games list instead of sreenshots.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:38pm 24/5/10

Cheers Josh
Posted 12:46pm 24/5/10
I assumed it was destroyed because everything was failing and it was being sucked in by the planets gravity.


The ship is left derelict at the end of "Dead Space", when Isaac heads for Aegis VII in the Executive Shuttle. It is unknown what becomes of it after the mining colony is devastated by the asteroid. It is possible, and most likely, that the Ishimura fell into Aegis 7's gravity well and was destroyed.

Anyway, sorry for slightly ruining it for you Steve.
Posted 01:01pm 24/5/10
Ah fair enough, yeah I hadn't though of that. I just thought all the s*** falling down was the big bit of rock they chopped out of the planet, but I guess the Ishimura was pretty much in the same place as the big chunk of rock, so it probably came down with it.

I kinda like the idea of it floating through space Space Hulk style though, and f*****g up anyone who tries to come on board.

Also, the game is like 2 years old, the statute of limitations on spoilers has long expired :P
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:12pm 24/5/10
true, but it's still in my pile of "to finish" games :(

that pile is waaaay to big atm
Posted 01:14pm 24/5/10
Never actually got around to finishing Dead Space, i just found the controls on the PC to be too floaty. Might have to borrow it from someone on a console and give it a go.

Anyone been rolling around as Isaac in Skate 3, he looks fairly sweet.

last edited by Crash at 13:14:26 24/May/10
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:16pm 24/5/10
what! how do you get him in skate 3?
Posted 01:23pm 24/5/10
what! how do you get him in skate 3?

i haven't tried it yet but you type 'deadspacetoo' into the cheat menu

here is a vid of him in action.
Posted 01:50pm 24/5/10
^^ God that guy sucks at playing
Posted 02:16pm 24/5/10
One thing I didn't get from dead space 1 was what was the connection between the marker and the hive mind. Did the marker spawn the hivemind, did the marker activate the hivemind (ie it was already present inside the planet) or lastly are they both one and the same thing?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:01pm 24/5/10
haha unlocked him - he's rad!
Posted 03:48pm 24/5/10
Never actually got around to finishing Dead Space, i just found the controls on the PC to be too floaty. Might have to borrow it from someone on a console and give it a go.
I had this problem too at first, but it was fixed by either turning V-Sync on or off (can't remember its been awhile). After that it was fine. Never did finish it but, monsters in closets are boring.
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