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Post by trog @ 11:48am 20/05/10 | 22 Comments
Hot of the press from Microsoft - the news that FOXTEL are going to be teaming up with Microsoft to offer video-on-demand over the Internet for Xbox 360 owners:
FOXTEL by Xbox LIVE will allow Xbox 360 owners in Australia to access FOXTEL channels including FOX Sports, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV, and other leading channels via their Xbox 360 entertainment console.

FOXTEL by Xbox LIVE will also provide a wide range of Video-on-Demand (VoD) services, including television series and movies. When the ground-breaking service launches later this year it will enable Australians, for the first time, to access FOXTEL without the need for a FOXTEL set-top-box.

FOXTEL by Xbox LIVE will be accessible in FOXTEL areas across Australia to all homes with a broadband internet connection. All you need is an Xbox 360, an Xbox Gold subscription and a FOXTEL by Xbox LIVE subscription.
The full press release has a little more information (though mostly marketdroid speak at this point).

No details on pricing or packages are available yet and the offering is targeted for a release "towards the end of the calendar year".

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:01pm 20/5/10
Wait...so even though I have a foxtel subscription and an xbox live gold account, I have to pay for another account to watch foxtel using my xbox? Thats just BS...although I guess its kinda like having another box in a room, which costs 15 dollars a month anyway..
Posted 12:02pm 20/5/10
to echo our discussions on this, pricing will make or break it. Will be really interesting to see what other poeple here think but if the pricing is right (and obviously you have the right plan with your ISP) then this could be quite good.

Bonus points for the first internode/iinet like ISP that tracks all the IP addresses for it and adds it to their free list! Wonder if it will be for IINET customers like other xbox content is currently humm
Posted 12:03pm 20/5/10
No details on pricing or packages are available yet

Cautiously pessimistic.
Posted 12:04pm 20/5/10
Aslong as you can choose to acess just the channels you want it would be something I would look in to.

But I highly doubt they would allow that and make you buy packages full of crap you don't want to watch.
Posted 12:05pm 20/5/10
I am caustically pessimistic.

I love the idea of this if they can figure out a way to do PPV s*** for sport - there's a lot of sport I would happily pay for to stream on my Xbox but I don't want a fullblown subscription. I suspect this will be beyond them though.
Posted 12:06pm 20/5/10
They better not do this s*** on a 12 month contract.
Posted 12:08pm 20/5/10
finally a step in the direction towards anti-piracy? if only dumb s*** movie companys got on board with something like this.. offering a bit torrent service straight to ur xbox or media pc for new movies...

woah hold on did he just say bit torrent piracy ?
Posted 12:10pm 20/5/10
yeah mordecai thats what we think here too, they will kill it on pricing simply because if they dont it will effectively compete with their own product which doesnt make much sense.

I think its mostly likley to be a inyourface to telstra ahead of the t-box launch - because the current restraints that have restricted them from each others markets expirrd this year.
Posted 12:12pm 20/5/10
Wow this is another major win for MS, weren't Sony attempting something like this for their s***** console?
Posted 12:19pm 20/5/10
Wonder if they will provide HD content.

Hope iinet will provide unmetered access.. although they may prefer to funnel customers towards there own IPTV offering :(

didnt see this one coming, awesome idea, love it!!
Posted 12:37pm 20/5/10
You wont be seeing any live sport ya' bums.

Does this mean Foxtel subs will get free access to X-box live ?

Posted 12:43pm 20/5/10
Is this any different to the foxtel on pc thing you can use for free at the moment if you have a foxtel account?

Posted 12:45pm 20/5/10
Faceman you will still need an xbox live gold subscription
Posted 12:57pm 20/5/10
Well if I win the Xbox 360 Elite competition then I probably would get the foxtel otherwise nup.
Posted 01:26pm 20/5/10
I too would only want to pay for sports channels. If they want to ram other stupid channels and more advertising down my throat then forget it.

Pay TV is for chumps anyway. I guess paying for sports makes me a chump too, but a lesser chump than the other mega chumps.
Posted 01:44pm 20/5/10
FOXTEL by Xbox LIVE will be accessible in FOXTEL areas
What? So if you aren't in an area that can already get Foxtel you can't get it? There must be some kind of territory agreement or something.
All you need is an Xbox 360, an Xbox Gold subscription and a FOXTEL by Xbox LIVE subscription.
lols and an expensive broadband connection. Sounds over complicated, why wouldn't a Foxtel Xbox live subscription be all you need?
Posted 01:51pm 20/5/10
I have Foxtel cable, have had it for like 13 years. I have Bigpond cable, have had it for like 10 years and have no other choice because I'm on a RIM network. Both sets of data come off the same cable and I bet I still get shafted for download usage and further subscription costs on Xbox live. Will be very interested to see what they come up with but I dont hold much hope for seeing value in it.
Posted 01:56pm 20/5/10
um yeah
Its a gaming console
make better games not useless s*** for watching old crappy reruns that will chew my download quota
Posted 01:58pm 20/5/10
FOXTEL by Xbox LIVE will be accessible in FOXTEL areas
What? So if you aren't in an area that can already get Foxtel you can't get it? There must be some kind of territory agreement or something.

I seem to remember that the Stupid Government of the day forced this rule when the pay TV companies where getting setup. Foxtel satellite TV is broadcast over Optus owned satellites and is sold by Austar and Foxtel depending on what area you are in. What I dont understand is that under the Governments own trade laws, I would have thought this arrangement would be illegal as it restricts both trade and competition. It really is a f***ed up state of affairs.
Posted 02:09pm 20/5/10
Its prolly only available to people on Telstra Cable then ?
Posted 04:17pm 20/5/10

if you can just get sport, i will get this in a heartbeat.
Posted 04:53pm 20/5/10
Really really doubt they will let you just get sport channels. I'd cancel my current foxtel and change over and I'm sure plenty of others would too (assuming it is cheaper than the 60 a month for regular+sport).
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