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Post by trog @ 03:41pm 18/05/10 | 23 Comments
The annoucement trailer for the inevitable next Lara Croft title has landed! Setting the scene for the story and showing off some of the action - featuring a new companion player - the trailer offers some quick insight into what gamers can expect when Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light hits later this year.

You can stream it now directly off AusGamers in your browser, or you can download the ultra-high-def 1.5gb version if you have quota to burn.

lara croft and the guardian of lighttrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:00pm 18/5/10
it looks like an rpg kind of... appears to be an arcade type game.
Posted 04:08pm 18/5/10
Blizzard take note, this is what Diablo 3 should probably look like, not wow.
Posted 04:45pm 18/5/10
casa you've hit it on the head there. that looks alot better then diablo 3 even... wow.
Posted 04:45pm 18/5/10
Hey that's pretty
Posted 05:02pm 18/5/10
ooo coop
Posted 05:06pm 18/5/10
Wow completely not what I was expecting looks awesome, cant wait to play it on my Xbox
Posted 05:18pm 18/5/10
Well she was right on the money when she said "well that was certainly unexpected"... not sure what to make of this, at first I hated it, then I thought it's ok... now I just dunno.
Posted 05:34pm 18/5/10
Sif it looks better than diablo3 , the graphics looks the same if not better in diablo 3
Posted 05:38pm 18/5/10
I haven't played a Tomb raider game in ages (like 5 years).

Certainly will be interesting to see if they can pull off this tweak of gameplay (RPG, like torchlight?).

Diablo 3 has old-style graphics trying to stay faithful to diablo. This game seems to have more light and green :D
Posted 05:46pm 18/5/10
How are we supposed to ogle her titties if the camera is so far away!
Posted 05:47pm 18/5/10
pausable cutscenes.
Posted 05:49pm 18/5/10
Looks kinda wowish (artwise, not graphically)... Did she get a breast reduction?
Posted 05:53pm 18/5/10
1.5GB for a 1:30min video clip? The in game resolution didn't even look like it was 1080p.
Posted 06:24pm 18/5/10
I hate the look of this game, it looks like it should be an arcade game , definitely not worth the 70-120 dollars we would have to pay.

Also I thought that they were incorparating RPG elements into it, didnt look like it in this trailer.
Posted 06:41pm 18/5/10
No information on how many achievements will be in the game? wtf?!?!
Posted 07:04pm 18/5/10
Josh: It is a downloadable game, not a full retail game.
Posted 10:29pm 18/5/10
It is? that makes alot of sense then...but WTf lol why not make a full game?

Anyway thanks for the info mordecai.
Posted 10:51pm 19/5/10
way to contradict your prior statement, josh
Posted 10:51am 20/5/10
No you misread what I meant, I had thought that the game they were showing us was a full game, but its only a download game, so when I said WTF why not make a full game, I meant why not actually make a proper game instead of this garbage.. I wasnt saying they should make this crap into a full game.
Posted 11:14am 20/5/10
so have you played the game josh?

also please define what a proper game is.

last edited by ravn0s at 11:14:44 20/May/10
Posted 11:24am 20/5/10
stop being a pedantic watermelon ravnos. he means a full length game with plenty of playlife.
Posted 11:50am 20/5/10
Lol thank you greazy, and to be fair no I havent played this, but I can see just from the trailer that it is a far departure from what the series is about which I find crap..sure change the series up a bit..but take it forwards not backwards.
Posted 12:30pm 20/5/10
I was pretty surprised reading those first few comments. And I agree on Trauma with it being 'unexpected'. This new style isn't really up my alley but I should probably play it before going too far.
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