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Post by trog @ 11:26am 18/05/10 | 13 Comments
From the recent EA Showcase 2010 event in London comes a new video highlighting some of the key elements of Crysis 2. Sitting down with Nathan Camarillo, the Executive Producer of the game, it runs through some of the advantages of setting the game in New York City, how powers will be used, the style of weapons - ending with the bold declaration that it is going to be "a unique package like nobody else can offer".

The trailer is available for download and streaming or you can watch it directly below now:

crysis 2trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:08pm 18/5/10
Did I just hear him say "multi platform"?

If so...Fail.
Posted 03:18pm 18/5/10
Lol, its been public knowledge for a few years now that Crysis 2 would be multiplatform.

Grow a sack and stop being a fanboy, just enjoy the game.
Posted 03:49pm 18/5/10
Well that was kind of pointless, didn't reveal anything new.
Posted 03:50pm 18/5/10
I Never followed crysis news much, I will likely purchase the game either way. Still disappointing though.
Posted 03:51pm 18/5/10
Was expecting some actual gameplay footage. Not clips of the cinematic with some guy talking normal PR bulls***.
Posted 04:42pm 18/5/10
agree. not nearly as cool as the original crysis teaser trailer... with the nuke n all.
just kinda looks like crysis in a city (which would be cool)
crysis was a good game... the devs seem like jerks tho :P
Posted 04:51pm 18/5/10
I like that guys point of view, I do much prefer the modern realistic military shooters and not sci-fi, but this balance he says they are after sounds cool, I'm keen.
Posted 04:56pm 18/5/10
Did I just hear him say "multi platform"?

If so...Fail.

Yeah, probably means they're porting it in the wrong direction as usual. Look forward to last-gen graphics, map boundary limitations and chain-link fence syndrome.

One major downside of Crysis was the poor AI, I hope they've worked on that:

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Posted 06:20pm 18/5/10
The AI in crysis was damn stupid. Hide behind something and they'd go about their business. Shoot at them and they'd run, then after a second or two come right on back and be as if nothing ever happened.

The one thing I liked about crysis was that you were on an island, no buildings to get stuck in or cornered in it's all just open space to roam around in.
Posted 07:57pm 18/5/10
i swear that guy said "unique" about 30 times in less than 2 mins....

meaning its gonna be like the last one alot..?
Posted 10:47pm 18/5/10
Why do games have to be 'unique', why can't they just be 'good'?
Posted 07:43pm 19/5/10
those were some badass sharks!
Posted 09:57pm 19/5/10
those are some d******* sharks alright
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