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Post by Khel @ 09:27am 14/05/10 | 8 Comments
Sounds like Blizzard are gonna start picking people for the Cataclysm beta soon:
To ensure youre opted-in and eligible as a potential candidate, youll need a World of Warcraft license attached to your account, have your current system specifications uploaded to the Beta Profile Settings page, and have expressed interest through the franchise-specific check boxes.
To see the whole blue post, which isn't much more than what I quoted, you can go here. To make sure you're opted in for the beta, go into the beta profile settings in your battlenet account, and make sure "Warcraft universe" is ticked (and that you've uploaded your system specs and jumped through all the other hoops they want you to). promoted forum item

world of warcraftcataclysm
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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:30am 14/5/10
I'd like to try it but I think I'd rather just wait for the full completed version on release. Gonna be playing it enough as it is when it comes out.
Posted 10:06am 14/5/10
Sorry, fixed the link in my post, I had it going to battlenet account management instead of the Blizzard post about the beta.
Posted 11:20am 14/5/10
Just checked to make sure things were in place, hopefully I can get this beta as well :D Was lucky enough to get into SC2 beta xD
Posted 11:25am 14/5/10
think ive opted into all their betas. probably wont get this one since i only have original wow an havent played it in like 5 years.
Posted 11:26am 14/5/10
No more WoW for me. I have StarCraft now.
Posted 11:45am 14/5/10
I think Starcraft 2 left me a little disappointed, just cos it hadn't really changed much, I was hoping for some real change and real evolution of the series, not just a few subtle balance tweaks and new units. I know probably on a level above the level I play at it, wheres its all this unit counters this unit counters this unit, its probably changed a bit, but since I'm just a noob and don't get to that level of depth it just feels like the same game with a facelift to me. Which isn't really a *bad* thing per se, I'm still definitely going to buy it, but I can't see it eating up much of my time outside of friendly games with mates and the single player campaign.

But thats just me, I'm not a huge RTS fan anyway.
Posted 11:53am 14/5/10
Yeh I felt similarly a few weeks ago mate and was abit down on the whole thing.

Now I'm watching youtube replays and downloading replays and saving replays and playing game and WOMG IOUGF P:#G 4 WTFBBQ

The rush, pride and euphoria from a hard fought win is so far better than guild first kills in WoW, and its there every time I log in and there is 0 grind (f*** achievement grinding) , its all pure pew pew pew game time.

See you in 2011 for Diablo III maybe :P
Posted 12:13pm 14/5/10
I remember in the original starcraft when I learnt to properly play, it was like discovering a whole new game.

But staying on topic, I wish I had gotten into WoW later in it's life.
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