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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:07pm 13/05/10 | 7 Comments
AusGamers has been sitting on an embargo for True Crime for a little while, having been invited out to developer United Front Games' studio in Vancouver to see just how they're tackling the reboot for the series.

Everything from what we saw is looking on the up, with an incredibly realised game-world, some cool gameplay systems, plenty of over-the-top action, meat cleavers and lots and lots of martial arts amidst explosions. While the build we saw was still a work in progress, we're definitely optimistic about the game's eventual outcome, which you can learn more about in today's preview.

Click here for the full run-down.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:50pm 13/5/10
I still thing Dogg Patrol in the first game was the best thing the series had to offer :D
Posted 03:13pm 13/5/10
I loved both the true crime games, I always thought they got a bad rep for no good reason.

This one sounds great,although I hope for the sake of the game that the graphics will be improved quite a bit as the pathetic "gamers" of today seem to be focused on graphics way too much and it would be a shame to see this game get a bad rep like the previous two games did.
Posted 04:41pm 13/5/10
Is it so wrong of pathetic "gamers" of today to expect appealing visuals as well as gameplay?
I mean s***...It is 2010 pal.
Posted 05:00pm 13/5/10
When people say a game is s*** because the graphics arnt top notch then yes I think its wrong.
Thats not to say there arn't people who play a game for what it is, but the majority of people bash on games because the visuals arn't up to their standards.
Posted 08:33am 14/5/10
I think the driving might be a gamble i liked the feel of the driving in LA it was actually a standout feature for me...guess ill have to wait and pay for the demo :)
Posted 11:05am 14/5/10
The first True Crime on Xbox was horribly glitchy! There was a frequent bug where I think if you shot anyone inside their car they would stand up and get stuck in the car, or the car would move on but they would be stuck in that place in space... or something along those lines 'cause, honestly, I spent one hour on that game then got frustrated with the amount of bugs and glitches and never played it again!
Posted 11:51am 14/5/10
Are they just going to keep calling it TRUE CRIME with every reboot?

We get it already, all the crimes are true, at least put something like ":The dong in hong kong" afterwards or some'in.
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