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Post by Bah @ 05:04am 13/05/10 | 18 Comments
Someone had a look at the Max Payne 2 executable in Notepad and found the old ASCII logo of warez group Myth - looks like someone at Rockstar was lazy and just found a cracked executable for the game rather than making one themselves.

This doesn't seem to be an isolated incident either - people probably remember Ubisoft recommending a cracked Rainbow 6 .exe to a user having problems, and another post on Blue's (where I saw this) showed a couple of games at GOG that did the same thing (Arcanum and Flatout AMP).

Kind of makes you think about companies promising to remove DRM a few years down the line when their servers are no longer up: if they don't have the resources to do it due to bankruptcy or whatever they can always just load up Google and type "maxepayne2 crack" and then send you that version. promoted/edited forum item

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Posted 05:14am 13/5/10
as mentioned in other discussions on the subject;

id have zero qualms going and loading up all my no cd cracks if steam went down and i couldnt play my games
Posted 06:54am 13/5/10
with the decline of dev's releaseing demo's + the drm nightmares + the blatent regional price fixing it's almost as if they are steering people towards piracy - especially considering how easy it is and the availability of broadband.

I have and will continue to pirate games as means of trying before i buy =/ its already saved me heaps of cash on games that turned out to be utterly terrible like avatar, c&c4, dragon rising, bioshock 2. On the other hand there are heaps of games i've pirated, loved and gone out and bought like SupCom2 dow2 avp
Posted 07:26am 13/5/10
It could all be a bit of BS too. A bit of a set up possibly?

It would not be hard to do at all, say install a time limited demo, replace the exe with a cracked version and no longer be restrained by the time limit.

Next open up the exe in notpad and take screenshots of the file location, warez ASCII logo, etc then blame someone else for using cracks in their distribution process.
Posted 11:39am 13/5/10
I think this is a clear indication of what lies somewhere for us gamers in the near and distant future of our information age. Crackers and corporations working together maybe? Then again... I am a wishful thinker!
Posted 01:10pm 13/5/10
haha wow
Posted 01:29pm 13/5/10
It could all be a bit of BS too. A bit of a set up possibly?
possibly, but anyone who has the games can easily check for themselves.
Posted 02:58pm 13/5/10

Can the crack group now seek damages that their code was used without permission as it gave Rockstar Steam sales?
Posted 03:01pm 13/5/10
haha Can the crack group now seek damages that their code was used without permission as it gave Rockstar Steam sales?

hahaha! that's fantastic
Posted 03:29pm 13/5/10
Why isn't The Max Payne series or GTA series (other than 4) on steam for us aussies yet??
Posted 04:54pm 13/5/10
they've changed it back to there one now. Althought they've gone from 1.1.102 back to 1.0.98

Posted 05:17pm 13/5/10
Posted 05:28pm 13/5/10
Can you smell the hypocrisy?
Posted 06:14pm 13/5/10
looks like australia to me.
Posted 06:18pm 13/5/10
Perfect distribution syste... hang on a f*****g minute
Posted 08:49pm 13/5/10
Was talking to a mate in the industry and he reckons it would have been Rockstar who did it. Something about the TnC of Steam making the publisher make it steam ready and that the coders of MP2 would probably have been long gone so this would've been the easier option.
Posted 05:12pm 14/5/10
Lets hope they start employing the hackers then we can finally free this bulls*** corporation driven 'free market' for games. Cheaper games for all, lol!
Kamakazi Chicken
Posted 10:55pm 14/5/10
props to pirates.
Posted 11:52pm 14/5/10
wouldnt surprise me if the crackers were actually game devs who just want to see there game distributed to the masses
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