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Post by trog @ 03:49pm 11/05/10 | 5 Comments
An official demo for the MMORPG Star Trek Online was released over the weekend, but many people had issues with the downloader (both because of the slow p2p downloads and the fact that 7.9GB is a beefy metered download).

Fortunately, Cryptic Studios, the developers of the game, are completely awesome and within minutes of us asking, sent us a downloadable version of the demo that we have been able to mirror.

If you want to live long and prosper, nab the demo now locally from AusGamers (note: you'll need to create an account to play).

demostar trek online
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Posted 04:18pm 11/5/10

Posted 04:46pm 11/5/10
pretty cool game tho. i played at launch for a few weeks but felt that playing on my computer at the time i was pushing s*** uphill. new pc now so will prolly be back to it :)
Posted 05:24pm 11/5/10
They had a Welcome back Weekend which ended at 3AM AEST today. I went back and found that whilst they had improved many things it still felt like a space fantasy MMO in Star Trek clothing. Of course without paying extra money for characters slots I was left to play on my max leveled (Rear Admiral Rank 5) Tactical and Engineering officers.

The Klingon side was easier to play because they've introduced more PvE missions mostly exploration type which are just random generated kill this many bad guys in space or on the ground. The PvP from the Klingon side is always fun because of the cloaking so you sneak up on the Federation and blast them without much chance of return fire.
Posted 09:23pm 11/5/10
So you buy more experienced levels ?

8gig, Its getting a bit out of hand isnt it ?

Why does a game need 8 gig if its just a demo ?
I bet its cut scenes/video.
Corny stuff from the series's's's
Posted 10:50pm 11/5/10
No you can buy extra character slots past three as well as other cosmetic items. More like customisation rather than anything to increase your fighting abilities.

Not that many cut scenes in the game, the 8gig is the whole game, your account is restricted to;

You can play through the entire Star Trek Online Tutorial, as well as the Episode "Stranded in Space." Master your skills in space and on the ground, then rescue the S.S. Azura!

You can only play Federation but you can fiddle around with the character customisation for as long as you like. The Tutorial is fighting against the Borg and Stranded in Space is fighting the Orions.

You'll notice that you are grouped with what seem to be other players. These are actually AI crewmen that you also control and/or play as.
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