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Post by trog @ 02:45pm 11/05/10 | 2 Comments
Thanks to ChangYou we've got a bunch of keys to give away for the closed beta of the fighting MMO, Blade Wars:
Blade Wars is an authentic martial arts F2P MMO which allows players to customize their own fighting combos. Our developers used state-of-the-art motion capture to collect more than 99 authentic kung fu moves from a world class martial artist. These moves were then turned into individual animations that players can string together in-game to create their own complex combinations. Specialized combos can be used to battle for dominance in PVP arenas or to take on a variety of PVE challenges. Blade Wars gives players the chance to do more in combat than just press sequential buttons. The most formidable heroes im Blade wars will use strategy to build the best combo attacks possible through use our guides, or with their own imagination.
Grab a key now from our promo page to check it out (and you can download the beta from us as well.

blade warsbeta

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Posted 04:19pm 11/5/10
Yoink! Thanks!
Posted 05:36pm 11/5/10
Just looked at gameplay on youtube, looks painful.
And anyone can get a key from simply by signing up on their homepage, this is basically just an advertisment for their game taking up space on ausgamers site. T.T
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