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Post by trog @ 12:29pm 05/05/10 | 19 Comments
id Software have released five new screenshots showing off some of the purty purctures that you'll be seeing in their next title, Rage. A recent interview with id's Tim Willits has also revealed that Carmack's initial thoughts of dedicated servers are probably still going to hold, with Rage "probably" not going to have them (also interesting is that this was the second question asked in the interview, showing what sort of priority is given to this issue amongst PC gamers - but anyway). The game is apparently on track for a 2011 release.

dedicated serversrage
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:39pm 05/5/10
Prettttttttttty hard for me to get excited about this, and I say this as resident id fanboy
Posted 12:45pm 05/5/10
that looks like borderlands ALOT
Posted 12:54pm 05/5/10
It does look like borderlands.... and pass.
Posted 01:02pm 05/5/10
This game just doesn't excite me at all.

Bring on Brink!
Posted 01:06pm 05/5/10
how long has this been coming for?
Posted 01:18pm 05/5/10
Yeah sorry, this game was scheduled for a 2008 release, no longer excited for this game.. Ill still check it out tho.
Posted 01:26pm 05/5/10
Looks ok but no dedicated servers = short multiplayer life span, and thus short lived game.
Posted 02:09pm 05/5/10
LOL Another game without dedicated servers.

Looks like more and more games will come out without dedicated servers and 'downloadable/online content' in order to finally stop piracy.

Posted 02:17pm 05/5/10
Yeah sorry, this game was scheduled for a 2008 release
Like all id games, it was scheduled for a "when it's done" release - whoever told you 2008 was probably misinformed
Posted 02:19pm 05/5/10
Most likely then, still my point is its been in development for a long time now.
Posted 02:24pm 05/5/10
Most modern games are in development a long time, so I don't see what that has to do with anything :P
Posted 02:26pm 05/5/10
That looks amazing. Some of those screenshots give a beyond good and evil vibe, something I need to finish.
Posted 02:31pm 05/5/10
Well I thought the character models looked great BUT the textures on the ground and clipping issue could be better. In this day and age for graphics it is a bit sub par. I was expecting it to be a lot better or would it be due to the console port to limit the graphics for the PC. Well we will soon see I suppose.
Posted 04:48pm 05/5/10
I must say that the first screenshot does look a lot like borderlands, but the rest not so much. Is a similar theme/setting though
Posted 04:56pm 05/5/10
It needs to play well though; I remember seeing the hype lead-up to AvP (the latest one) and when people actually gave it a go it sucked :(

Same with ETQW I think?

Hope this one's good.
Posted 08:53pm 05/5/10
I was about to say this might be the first id game I enjoy playing but then I realised I loved RTCW and ET.
Posted 08:59pm 05/5/10
id haven't released a single good game since doom2.
Posted 09:07pm 05/5/10
q3 was alrite..
Posted 09:14pm 05/5/10
This game disappeared off the map for a while. I was thinking it was vaporware.
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