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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:34am 05/05/10 | 28 Comments
The Xbox 360's exclusivity reign of terror for the first DLC to hit Modern Warfare 2 is finally over, with Activision telling us today the map pack is available for purchase for both PC and PS3.
The five map Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package features a variety of adrenaline-pumping multiplayer venues, including three new locations "Bailout," "Storm," and "Salvage" along with two fan favorites from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, "Crash" and "Overgrown." The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package can be downloaded for $14.99 from the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 system and from Steam for the PC. In celebration of the release, Infinity Ward will host nearly a week of Double XP for PlayStation Network and PC gamers May 5 - 10.
I've been taking these maps through their paces on Xbox 360 and thoroughly enjoy them, though I think two old maps is a bit lazy, even though I like Overgrown and Crash - newer ones would have been better in my opinion.

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Posted 09:42am 05/5/10
Do you have any info on what else this has changed in the game? The version has jumped from 1.0.184 to 1.0.195'ish and I was wondering if they'd done any work on gameplay.
Posted 10:15am 05/5/10
Any idea when it will actually be available? No sign of it so far...
Posted 10:27am 05/5/10
if it was free, great
if it was 4.99, maybe
but 14.99, suck my nuts
Posted 11:53am 05/5/10
This just "Stimulates" me to play BFBC2 more.... IW continues to show it's utter disrespect for the PC by supporting consoles first...
Posted 11:55am 05/5/10
Where is this piece of crap??? Been waiting a month already and then the release hasnt been released WTF!!!
Posted 12:19pm 05/5/10
still not up yet and its almost half 12
Posted 12:29pm 05/5/10
what a load of bulls***
Posted 12:42pm 05/5/10
steam downloaded it 1st thing this morning for me! Have not played yet still at Work.
Posted 12:57pm 05/5/10
They rip you guys off and you can't even access this s*** DLC... jokes very much on you.
Posted 01:44pm 05/5/10
the last few IW employees probably quit today and thats why it hasnt been released yet.
Posted 03:27pm 05/5/10
some of the maps are alright but heaps of f*** are just camping heaps
Posted 03:45pm 05/5/10
why cant i find the maps? how did you guys find them? and Trauma herd it all be for, off you go, play battle field 2 or mag or what ever crap u think is better
Posted 03:58pm 05/5/10
WTF? It's no where to be seen in PSN Store? Everyone having same problems or have some people got it?
Posted 04:09pm 05/5/10
why cant i get these on ps3 yet?
Posted 04:11pm 05/5/10
I assume the people that HAVE got it working have the steam version, and the people that haven't probably have the retail version. If it's working for you can you confirm ?
Posted 04:22pm 05/5/10
Was working for me at 8am - Steam version. I didn't see the where the maps were at first but they're listed under a sub category called "Bonus Maps", so I was looking through the list and didn't immediately pop out.
Posted 04:35pm 05/5/10
I don't have the map pack but aren't all versions "steam versions"? Because even if you bought it retail you had to add it to steam for steamworks.
Posted 04:38pm 05/5/10
there is 2 extra options down the bottom when u go into find game.

Posted 05:17pm 05/5/10
Still cant find it. This is really pissing me off
Posted 05:31pm 05/5/10
i logged onto steam and its downloading something 150 meg or so.

is it just a random update??
Posted 06:05pm 05/5/10
Posted 10:12pm 05/5/10
I guess this is why they refuse to allow PC players to mod the game; they can instead charge ridiculous amounts for crappy rehashed maps that the modding community would have released after the game had been out for a day and all the idiots will still lap it up like some loyal dog. If only the dog realised that it wasn't the favourite though and that Activision only have eyes for the 360 users. How does it feel to be a PC user CoD fanboy, knowing that Activision loathes you while you love them?
Posted 10:53pm 05/5/10
Starkers I don't like BC2, don't have a playstaytion & play MW2 but no f*****g way I'm paying $5 for a map.
Posted 12:36am 06/5/10
its most likely to either come out in the morning or it comes out from 9 pm - 1 am thursday or 9 pm - 1 am friday cause fridays are the days they update the psn store but then again they promised to deliver on wensday its so f***ed up f***en north america gets it before the rest of the f***en world dose and f***en xbox 360 got it before us i just f***en hate how americans got it first compaired to aussie
Posted 12:45am 06/5/10
OMG......Microsoft Paid IW lots of Money so that Xbox got it a Month before every 1 else. a Xbox Exclusive for a Month.
It's there on steam, u just gotta go work it out for yourself 2 find it.
Posted 11:41am 09/5/10
"quote" deeper said
if it was free, great
if it was 4.99, maybe
but 14.99, suck my nuts

I could not agree more
Posted 12:43pm 04/6/10
I am outraged that we have to pay to play these up and coming games map packs, it is absolutly unheard of in the pc world, what r we thinking omg this is utterly bulls*** and unfair to anyone who pays $100 for the game in the first place , I hate where all this is leading on pc it makes me want to send viruses and crash steam to teach them a lesson, the pc world is a world is without rules and should be kept that way we r the dreamers that make consoles even exist so why should we pay out our arse like they do, their the ones who chose to go console and pay out through the butt cheeks not us.Im sick and tired that steam is trying to take over the market and putting a drm on all its games! if i want to play offline i should be able to! what happens when i have no net i cant play my games this aint fair we all should stand up and take a rally to all forums and make a stand against pay to play games isnt paying to buy enough? where will it end ?????????????
Posted 12:50pm 04/6/10
they are making u pay extra ($5-10) to play online in some console games now, im sure that will probably come over to the pc in the near future with the way that these money grubby companies are going.

They half finish a game, pump it out then release the other half of the game as extra content u have to buy. Its just a massive scheme to charge consumers 1-150 for a full game.
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