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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:03pm 30/04/10 | 19 Comments
As promised, we have part 2 of our Aussie exclusive extended hands-on with Red Dead Redemption. Today we look a little more at the gameplay system, the technology behind the game, the shooting mechanics, your notoriety and just how the narrative paces and plays out.

This is utterly spoiler free, so feel free to jump in a peruse yet another in-depth analysis of Rockstar San Diego's action open-world videogame opus, which we're absolutely chuffed with thus far. And in case you missed it, you can check out part 1 right here.

Click here for part 2.

red dead redemptionrockstarpreview
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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:33pm 30/4/10
I hope I answered some of those questions from the Comments section of the first preview post
Posted 05:49am 01/5/10
You've done an excellent review.
Posted 02:50pm 01/5/10
Well done nice writeup Steve.
Posted 12:05am 02/5/10
Is this gonna be on pc?
Posted 01:07pm 02/5/10
Great work. Pity it is not coming to PC. Shame Rockstar!
Posted 10:01pm 02/5/10
Thanks for the write up steve, makes me want to get it now.

I previously was going to avoid it since it didnt seem to have anything from red dead revolver but the name, but you cleared some things up.
Posted 10:47pm 02/5/10
"Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:44am 30/4/10
Just to clarify peeps, at this stage there's only plans for PS3 and 360 release for the game. Hopefully we'll see it on PC down the track"
Posted 12:03am 04/5/10
I hate the kills me! Waiting for GTAIV was really hard, delay after delay was like a knife to my opposable thumbs.

Question: Which console with RDR be best played on? Its always hard to figure out which one to buy for.
Posted 01:04am 04/5/10
Haven't heard of any difference between the 360 and ps3 versions. Usually you would hear of exclusive content by now.

I think it would be more of a case of where are you going to buy it from?

Retailer = exclusive content + expensive + play on day one
online = cheap + the possibility of it arriving late + possible DLC or MP problems if a different region

edit: Seems that GAME, EB, JBhifi all have the same 'exclusive' content. Want to order online but I would be pissed if I didn't receive the copy on day 1 or 2.

last edited by ctd at 01:04:06 04/May/10
Posted 12:29pm 04/5/10
I honestly think 360 is holding back the industry now. With PS3's blu ray ability, could you imagine the size or content if they used blu ray to its full extent?

Its hard to imagine there will be no difference between PS3 or 360, I was always of the opinion that PS3 gave you better graphics.
Posted 04:37pm 04/5/10
Disregard my last....Ive read unbiased comparisons of the two consoles and currently the 360 wins.
Posted 02:28am 05/5/10
DUde what the F are u on about ? clearly every one knows ps3 owns that shi t box , u better stop getting info from those sites wich told u those bul l shi ts
Posted 07:27am 05/5/10
Posted 09:47am 05/5/10
Apparently 360 has the better graphics and is easier to design games for, so currently the games being brought out on both consoles are better on 360. Eventually this will reverse once developers start utilizing the PS3 to its full potential.
Posted 09:48am 05/5/10
yer, i guess the ps3 is still a new conslol;

oh hang on, no its not, its been out for years

maybe computer programmers are a bit slow to learn about stuff

Posted 01:20pm 10/5/10
Not slow, just unmotivated...
Posted 01:27pm 10/5/10
Eventually this will reverse once developers start utilizing the PS3 to its full potential.

Not slow, just unmotivated...

qgl is delivering the lols today.
Posted 01:30pm 10/5/10
i would buy this game if it came out on PC.
Posted 12:07am 15/5/10
awsome review mate best ive read yet 5 stars and two thumbs up
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