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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:24pm 30/04/10 | 9 Comments
In keeping with the light-hearted look of the game, Valve often lace anything to do with TF2 (outside of actually playing it) with plenty of tongu-in-cheek humour, and today is no different for anyone who has been tracking the game's updates.

According to, this is their 119th update, which they supply reasoning for the odd celebration in that it was planned for 100th, but being locked away working to Valve Time, they didn't notice the other 19 updates that happened during preparation.

The post also points out new long-service medals for veteran players, as well as lists every change ever made in all 119 updates. Hit the links above to check it out.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:33pm 30/4/10
Such a great game. While I stopped playing around the heavy update (late 2008) it is pretty amazing all the updates we have got for free.

heh original tf2 size = 2.45gb now it is 4.83gb
Posted 03:42pm 30/4/10
thats probably what the 100 means on the newspaper on the menu screen. they were preparing for 100th update celebration.

sweet i should be getting the grizzled veteran medal.

last edited by ravn0s at 15:42:22 30/Apr/10
Posted 03:57pm 30/4/10
I think Valve wants to set the bar as stupidly high as possible for the Orange Box in terms of best $50 worth of gaming value ever.

/Grizzled veteran badge awaits... :D
Posted 04:01pm 30/4/10
There seems to be a massive Engi glitch going around after the last update. Seems spy's can build unlimited dispensers. I just got off a GA server where a dude had built 20 at the door.
Posted 04:04pm 30/4/10
well im just hoping i can join server tonight, since i could only join the 1 server last night.
Posted 04:05pm 30/4/10
Also just saw this, it seems they are making figurines for each class and team color starting with the heavy.

To coincide with today's update, we are pleased to announce that our friends at The IP Factory will be releasing a limited edition collector's statue of the Heavy, which is the first in their 12 inch Team Fortress 2 line of collectible statues. The Heavy will come in both BLU and RED team versions and numbers are strictly limited.

Posted 08:26pm 30/4/10
damn that heavy figurine is awesome. If its not to expensive i might have to get one
Posted 08:43pm 30/4/10
yer i want it too

there was also some hidden links in todays update

delivery pigeons for engie to send ammo to team mates?

last edited by ravn0s at 20:43:48 30/Apr/10
Posted 09:04pm 30/4/10
We couldn't have done it without you*

*For the record you couldn't have done it without us either - without us you'd still be running around in de_dust. Just sayin'...

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