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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:36am 30/04/10 | 11 Comments
Looks like Halo: Reach will actually officially be Bungie's last game in the series, despite their Rolling Stones approach to it (I swear they were calling it a day three games ago). This has been made all the more real with a shock announcement they would actually start working for Activision, and that said work would actually span 10 years.

"We have some pretty crazy, ambitious, grandiose plans for what we want to do with our next big game universe," Bungie's Brian Jarrard told Gamesindustry.biz. "Our action universe, and how we want that to play out and the types of stories we want to tell and the types of experiences that we want to share.

"So we're looking at that right now as a very long term proposition from the creative and development side. And this deal was structured to basically span that vision and to help us be able to achieve what we want to do for the next decade."

Obviously this partnership comes hot on the heels of Activision's trouble with Modern Warfare developer, Infinity Ward, but according to reports the Bungie deal was not knee-jerk, and has actually been in the pipeline for some time.

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Posted 09:49am 30/4/10
Your subject definitely trumps mine! Must be why you're paid the big bucks and I'm a lowly forum dwelling pleb ;P
Posted 09:56am 30/4/10
Lol and this isnt going to cause problems at all....
Posted 10:06am 30/4/10
10 Years ago people were saying the same thing when Bungie signed with Microsoft.
Posted 10:08am 30/4/10
Why is signing up with activision going to cause problems?
Posted 10:10am 30/4/10
Because of all the hate people seem to have for activision.
Just go back to the activision gets sued thread and you will see what I mean.
Posted 10:32am 30/4/10
That doesn't mean anything. Gamers are the most flaky demographic I know.
Posted 10:38am 30/4/10
Activision are currently the flavour of the month when it comes to the "big bad death of gaming" company. Was EA for the longest time prior to that.
Posted 11:19am 30/4/10
EA still made a heap of money when everyone hated them (I still hate them).
Posted 02:59pm 30/4/10
True, but they will have a higher negative feedback just because of how stupid some people are.
I think its about time that they stopped milking halo and brought on a new series, after all Bungie has alot of talent.
Posted 05:01pm 30/4/10
Infinity ward had a lot of talent too. Remember when their games didn't suck?
Posted 05:08pm 30/4/10
That doesn't mean anything. Gamers are the most flaky demographic I know.

a truer word has never been spoken. Most gamers will complain about stuff but will buy it anyway, its like the steam boycott mw2 group how with a week of it being released most were playing it. Plus this will have no effect because a large number of people probably dont even know about the iw thing even though they'll call themselves gamers.

(i like making generalizations)
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