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Post by trog @ 10:19am 28/04/10 | 14 Comments
Nintendo have just fired through a press release email announcing that as of tomorrow, the Nintendo Wii will get its first price drop in Australia, coming down a sweet $100:
Nintendo announces that from tomorrow, 29 April 2010, Wii - the biggest selling home console of the current generation - will be available for only SRP $AU299.95* ($NZ399.95 SRP). This is the first time Wii has received a price drop in Australia and New Zealand, Previously Wii was SRP $AU399.95 ($NZ499.95).
This comes hot on the heels of their recent DSi price drop, and also coincides with the release of Monster Hunter Tri (our review can be found here).

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Posted 10:20am 28/4/10
Oh nice!
Posted 10:23am 28/4/10
F*** yeah, I was JUST about to go out today and get a Wii, no joke.

Then I got lazy.

Posted 10:26am 28/4/10
Wow. So it's taken three(?) years for sales to finally drop low enough to warrant this?
Posted 10:39am 28/4/10
Guess they want people to go out and buy black wiis. Which is strange because this is 1 of those odd cases where WE got something before americans did. They don't have the black wii yet.
Posted 12:10pm 28/4/10
Pretty amazing that they held at the launch price for so long
Posted 12:38pm 28/4/10
pretty nice price drop
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:41pm 28/4/10
it was selling pretty consistently, which is why they never budged, but this also comes on the same day Monster Hunter Tri is released, thought not sure why they didn't just bundle it all up together, but yeah I think sales are waning
Posted 12:44pm 28/4/10
3D TV gimmick factor scaring them?
Posted 01:44pm 28/4/10
Still overpriced if you ask me.
Posted 02:19pm 28/4/10
i still recommend buying old wiis of ebay

and then come see me for an awesome mod at a very competitive price!
Posted 05:12pm 28/4/10
hrm, odd. might mean a new console is coming.
Posted 06:13pm 28/4/10
best price from ebay = ?
Posted 07:23pm 28/4/10
Which is strange because this is 1 of those odd cases where WE got something before americans did. They don't have the black wii yet.

Not true...America got it's blacks much cheaper, much longer ago
Posted 07:24pm 28/4/10
I read a thing on kotaku saying they were getting theirs next month or something. LIARS.
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