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Post by trog @ 08:11am 28/04/10 | 24 Comments
Well, this story just gets more and more awesomely weird. While more employees flee the sinking ship that appears to be Infinity Ward, a group of 38 IW employees have decided to sue Activision, according to a story on g4tv.

Apparently they are chasing up to US$54 million in unpaid royalties, and then a further wad of cash for interest and punitive damages. Activision have since replied and stated that they (of course) think the lawsuit is without merit. Interesting times.

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Posted 08:14am 28/4/10
lols, there's not gonna be much left of IW when the dust settles
Posted 08:54am 28/4/10
Hahah, owned oh so much
Posted 08:55am 28/4/10
Also, looks like MW3 is gonna be non-existent."".. force many of my people to stay, some against their will, so that they would finish the delivery of Modern Warfare 3.""
Posted 09:07am 28/4/10
Kind of funny considering how much the franchise is worth. I hope any future money grabs by Activision fail miserably because of this.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:13am 28/4/10
I really wish Blizzard didn't get involved with Activision. They better not f*** their games around in any way.

Posted 09:20am 28/4/10
i read 25 iw employees have left in the last few weeks.
Posted 09:26am 28/4/10
It's all about the dedicated servers... see, if they had just listened to us, then it wouldn't come to this....

Oh well, you can lead a horse to water hey...
Posted 10:39am 28/4/10
You see this? This is what happens when you f*** a stranger in the ass!!! D:
Posted 12:24pm 28/4/10
Reverend Evil why do you think WoW has gone down hill, the staff that worked on vanilla are all but gone thanks to activision.
Posted 12:33pm 28/4/10
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:04pm 28/4/10
iTOM - really? You're ex-Infinity Ward?
Posted 01:11pm 28/4/10
reLapse: The Activision buyout (which is where Activision was bought out by Vivendi, not the other way around) wasn't all that long ago. Anyway, a lot of the developers of vanilla WoW are still at Blizzard. They're just working on the as yet unannounced secret MMO.

Posted 01:29pm 28/4/10
Man it s**** me when people use "Vanilla" to describe a previous instalment of a game.

Who came up with that s***?
Posted 01:46pm 28/4/10
If you ask me blizzard is just as bad as activison, at least these days..
Posted 01:51pm 28/4/10
steve - nah, was baiting. if anyone else but you asked, i would have lied. but you do an amazing job :)
Posted 02:01pm 28/4/10
Pre-Expansion or Vanilla - I prefer the latter when talking about WoW prior to The Burning crusade expansion being released.
Posted 02:27pm 28/4/10
Josh, how the hell did you come to that conclusion? Serious, tell us all how Blizzard is just as bad as Activision. (ignoring the fact that they are now merged)
Reverend Evil
Posted 02:31pm 28/4/10
Reverend Evil why do you think WoW has gone down hill, the staff that worked on vanilla are all but gone thanks to activision

When you talk about vanilla WoW. Are you talking laggy servers, boring grindfests, only getting decked out if you run MC for months on end, etc?

Because if you are I prefer the Blizzard of today. I think it's fairly balanced. If you want some easy epics, well you can run the heroics. If you want to progress further for the best gear then you can raid. Keeps everyone happy.
Posted 03:24pm 28/4/10
poo no more modern warfare
Posted 03:36pm 28/4/10
Ok lets see trauma, first off besides world of warcraft what games have they made in the last 6 years...hmm nothing Now they release starcraft 2 but what do they do? they release it on 3 seperate discs..yeah Im sure that wasn't to make even more money on top of what they get from people playing WoW. What hapenned to starcraft ghost? a game they hyped and marketed for quite some time? oh yeah it was cancelled so they could "investigate" the capabilities of the xbox 360, ps3 and wii.what are their plans for the future.. blizzard: uhhh another mmorpg that we can milk peoples cash with I guess..then we will sit on that for at least 2 years and see what happens.

So thats the facts, now I could say my opinion but I can see Im starting a flame war here so Ill leave it at that.

Hate me ,love me, despise me I dont care its the internet.
Posted 03:47pm 28/4/10
How does Ghost help your point? They had a s*** game, and instead of releasing it, they canned it.
Sounds like a positive to me.
Posted 04:13pm 28/4/10
So Josh, what your basically what your saying is they are s*** cuz they want to make money? They are a in it for money but are also one of the very few that still make games for the consumer, they could have easily sold out to the s***** console market and made boring linear s*** but they stay true to their roots and make great and very very polished games and just look at what Battle.net is turning into, pure awesome stuff.

On the other side look at what Activision does... IWnet shows their total disregard for the consumer, seemingly f*** over their own people and have sold their franchises out to console s***. As for Starcraft being separated into parts, don't judge it until you see the full release content for each part, it may be worth it (f*** if I know I'm not an RTS fan). As for your digs at their MMO, that's nothing but hating on the king. They are the best at it by a country mile, no one can take them down so they are filling the gap themselves. F*****g thumbs up from me on that one.

Bottom line is Blizzard make the best, deepest most polished games out there while not selling out, and you hate on them for making money off it.

How does Ghost help your point? They had a s*** game, and instead of releasing it, they canned it.
Sounds like a positive to me.

Yea I remember one of the Blizz guys talking about this at Blizcon, they said they have just as many misses as any other developer, it's just that they can theirs rather than releasing a buggy POS as a cash grab.
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:26pm 28/4/10
Fortunately, Blizzard are in a unique position so if they feel a game they're making is gonna be s*** they can stop development and start fresh. I'm not one of those whinging babies who cry foul when Blizzard release a sparkly flying horse in their store. If money from that goes towards making a kick-ass game then I'm all for that.

It'll be interesting to see what they make from the new rocket mount with that RAF system. I'm sure there's plenty of tears flowing over at the WoW forums about it.
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