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Post by trog @ 03:53pm 27/04/10 | 14 Comments
From the awesome, ever-expanding group of people with too much time on their hands comes "Law Abiding Engineer" - a remix of the "Law Abiding Citizen" movie trailer. Basically all the major characters (played by Gerald Butler and Jamie Foxx) have been replaced with awesomely integrated characters from Team Fortress 2 guys.

Very impressive and worth a look if you haven't seen it already:

team fortress 2
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:56pm 27/4/10
Posted 03:58pm 27/4/10
Posted 04:00pm 27/4/10
Now you know how trog wins on those QGL pie charts.
Posted 04:02pm 27/4/10
Haha I thought someone had bumped the old thread
Posted 04:07pm 27/4/10
Ta missed it but still posting it anyway mostly to test some youtube embed thing I'm doing

edit: as always, please don't post 'old'
Posted 04:07pm 27/4/10
i missed it too nice one trog :)
Posted 04:11pm 27/4/10
Haven't seen it.

There i just saved the thread.
Posted 04:18pm 27/4/10
Really great effort in this mash up.

Law Abiding Citizen is a good movie too :D worth the watch.
Posted 04:49pm 27/4/10
Law Abiding Citizen is a good movie too :D worth the watch.
Quite a bit of fun but a bit too early with its ending "surprise"
Posted 07:19pm 27/4/10
Epic lol, I loved the movie too.
Posted 09:30pm 27/4/10
I hadn't seen it yet. BEST VIDEO EVER! (thx for sharing :) :) :))
Posted 09:20am 28/4/10
Great movie

Brilliant edit, now if only they made the whole movie like this
Posted 03:38pm 28/4/10
This is worth watching too

Posted 08:00pm 28/4/10
I thought it sucked that @ 1:13:19 the Pepsie product placementwas sitting there unopened..

but maybe that was an ad for Coke...

great vid though - and it's a great moofie. Cheers for putting me onto it chaps :)
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