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Post by trog @ 09:58am 23/04/10 | 12 Comments
As promised, The Passing DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 is now out and available for download - simply bounce your Steam to get the latest updated. For those that missed the earlier coverage, you can see it all on our Left 4 Dead 2 news page.

To promote the release, Left 4 Dead 2 is now 30% off on the Steam store (US$20.09 total or $60.29 for a four pack), so if you've been waiting for a price drop, now's a good time to buy.

left 4 dead 2dlc
Buy now from Green Man Gaming Only GBP£12.99!
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:04am 23/4/10
DLC comes in a 1280mb
Posted 10:15am 23/4/10
Can you still buy the international version over the crappy AU version?
Posted 11:09am 23/4/10
price drop aint enuf. a censorship drop will be better.
Posted 11:37am 23/4/10
Eh, I got bored of L4D. Nice price though.
Posted 08:03pm 24/4/10
Well I just played it for a bit and it's better than I expected, glad it was free and the automagic download did not change my un-cut version to a lame AU version in case anyone was wondering.
Posted 05:57pm 23/4/10
lol 3 maps
Posted 06:08pm 23/4/10
The current mutation, 'Realism Versus' is quite good. It is more of a challenge for the survivors, less frustrating for the infected and really encourages teamwork via voice. I hope they eventually just add it into the normal game.
Posted 06:18pm 24/4/10
Bit disappointing that you don't get to see the death scene.
Posted 06:35pm 24/4/10
ok 20 usd sounds good. now can anyone tell me what method now works for getting the non-s***** version?
Posted 07:39pm 24/4/10
ok 20 usd sounds good. now can anyone tell me what method now works for getting the non-s***** version?

Getting it gifted from outside of Australia always works. It will be $15 if you can somehow get in on a 4-pack.

last edited by Tremble at 19:39:40 24/Apr/10
Posted 06:55pm 25/4/10
I just picked up the uncensored version from It ended up being more expensive than the current steam sale, ($27 Aus) but it isn't the neutered version. They will email you the cd-key, and then you just download it from Steam. Just make sure you buy the 'uncut' version, as they also sell the international censored version.
Posted 09:49pm 25/4/10
thanks guys, kudos' way sounds like less hassle to me...
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