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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:35am 22/04/10 | 7 Comments
If, like me, you absolutely loved Batman: Arkham Asylum, chances are you're wondering where all the promised DLC has gone. Not too soon after the game's release we saw Challenge Maps make their way to the game, alongside the PS3 exclusive Joker gear, but beyond that, it's been a bit bare-bones.

CVG have reported, however, that Rocksteady have actually job-posted for someone to come in specifically for crafting DLC, which you would assume is because the rest of the team are hard at work on the game's much anticipated sequel (check out the debut trailer here). Though in saying all of that, job-posting for the position now, likely means we won't be seeing new content any time soon. In fact, the posting could be regarding DLC for the sequel.

Either way, it's all too far away for my liking.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:43am 22/4/10
Too late; don't care.
Posted 11:49am 22/4/10
Well my game is sitting in the box... waiting for a reason to reinstall it.
Posted 03:23pm 22/4/10
I really enjoyed this game, but WTF does it need a sequel for.
Posted 03:24pm 22/4/10
Because catwoman wasn't in the last one.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:22pm 22/4/10
dude, how can you say that - they only explored arkham asylum... there's a whole GOTHAM city to move to next with countless villains!
Posted 11:58am 23/4/10
That is good news. I played it again recently and was wondering so where the f*** is all the DLC?
Posted 01:13pm 23/4/10
If, like me, you absolutely loved Batman: Arkham Asylum

I have the PC version. It started off good but after an hour, like almost ALL console ports, it quickly felt like a silly console game with limited movements, limited control, and limited environment. F*** I had to look down at my hands to make sure there wasn't a controller there as the game became mind-numbingly repetitive and cutscene-filled.

Now the game is just sitting there on my drive until I run out of more interesting games to finish first. Oh, what's this thread about again? DLC. Cool I guess?
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