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Post by TiT @ 09:29am 21/04/10 | 6 Comments
Taken from Team Fortress 2 Offical Website:
- Previously, we rolled randomly at intervals to see if you got an item drop. Now we roll to determine when your next item drop will occur. So you're guaranteed to find items at fairly regular intervals. The bulk of drop complaints we've received in the past have been from players having unlucky streaks, where they didn't find any items for weeks. That won't be possible now.

- We've significantly increased the rate at which item drops occur, compared to the previous average interval.

- There's now a maximum amount of playtime per week in which you get item drops. Playing beyond that amount won't find any more items. The amount varies, but if you play an hour or so a day you're good. Some of your unused time will rollover to the following week, so if you're an intermittent player you'll also be fine.

What are the net effects of these changes? Here's the quick summary:

If you're an idler, you're going to find fewer items than you were prior to this change. Sorry. On the bright side, there's less reason to idle, because it won't earn more than players who are playing regularly.

Everyone else will find items more frequently, and with greater regularity.
Looks good, no more idle servers! edited/promoted forum item

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:19am 21/4/10
There's now a maximum amount of playtime per week

^ This concept should apply to any game ever made where players that play long-arse hours get benefits over players with lives.
Posted 10:41am 21/4/10
great news, but there will still be idlers.
Posted 04:00pm 21/4/10
This concept concept should also be applied to employment, so I could just turn up for an hour a day and receive the same pay as those that put in the effort.
Posted 04:17pm 21/4/10
hahaha this is awesome so many of my friends idled and it was so sad
Posted 04:24pm 21/4/10
Now I will finally get a decent item instead of getting 10 jars of jarate in a row.
Posted 06:00pm 21/4/10
I love Valve.
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