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A forum post on the official Battlefield Heroes website outlines some new features in Dice's free cartoony FPS game. The extremely comprehensive Battlefield Heroes blog doesn't have too many details, but there's a new map (Midnight Mayhem) and a new game mode (V2 Vengeance) - and new 'jetpack widgets', which look like purchasable items that let you shoot up in the air:
Pack your bags soldiers, because you are heading for the new lands of Midnight Mayhem. The clock is ticking and the countdown has started, you and your team mates have a new mission that could turn the tide in this war, you must not fail this mission.

In this fast paced game mode you and your allies must capture and hold the rocket and keep it from enemy hands. Jump in with gusto or rocket fuel and make sure your enemies do not get the upper hand and claim the rocket for themselves.
A YouTube video accompanies the announcement, showing off some of the new features:

battlefield heroes

Latest Comments
Posted 01:21pm 20/4/10
Is this game any good? Never played..

Seeing it more and more.
Posted 01:37pm 20/4/10
I think it's good if you can't afford to play BF2, but can afford to spend little amounts of money buying items from the online store :)
Posted 01:49pm 20/4/10
Posted 01:51pm 20/4/10
The download on Ausgamers? :P

Might give it a go.
Posted 07:12pm 20/4/10
it's a terrible, watered down fps, its probably the sort of game i'd start my one year old on..
Posted 10:08pm 20/4/10
I heard this was really cash shop intensive. IE: the more you spend in the cash shop the more powerful you are

Personally that's the one reason I won't be touching it :\
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