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Post by trog @ 01:14pm 16/04/10 | 26 Comments
Activision sent us a massive mystery box yesterday, which at first (after some shaking around trying to guess what was in it) we thought contained the severed heads of some staff from Infinity Wards.

Fortunately this was not the case (as getting blood out of the carpet seems to freak out the cleaning staff for some reason) and instead it was the limited-numbers Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2, complete with:
  • a token to download Call of Dutyģ Classic
  • a limited edition SteelBookô case
  • the ďBehind the LinesĒ collectorís artbook
  • a pair of fully functioning night vision goggles
  • an individually numbered ďSoap MacTavishĒ night vision goggles collectorsí stand.
I've throw up a couple of photos of the box, and will be figuring out a fun way to give it away soon. STAY TUNED!

modern warfare 2

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Posted 01:18pm 16/4/10
GG Activision, you lose your best development team and probably ruin a A+++ franchise, and whats your response? - milk the f*****g thing for all its worth.
Posted 01:21pm 16/4/10
yeah I'm pretty sure this "prestige" pack is basically the Limted Ed. Pre-order pack.
Am I wrong? It sounds the same..
Posted 01:22pm 16/4/10
yeah I'm pretty sure this "prestige" pack is basically the Limted Ed. Pre-order pack.
Am I wrong? It sounds the same..
It's the same but it has the NVGs I believe
Posted 01:23pm 16/4/10
a AAA++++^zillion rated title about war means about -0.0321 tenths of crap all once it's reached it's endgame

I'm glad it's over, the hardcore audience who thrive on uber simulated gore will piss and moan though, as you seem to be demonstrating
Posted 01:31pm 16/4/10
uber simulated gore is bad??
Posted 01:49pm 16/4/10
Wonder how good the nvgs are?
Posted 02:03pm 16/4/10
will be figuring out a fun way to give it away soon

Throw the thing in a bin. Whoever opens the bag when it gets to the sorting line wins a free MW2 prestige pack! Best option IMO for such a terrible game.
Posted 02:20pm 16/4/10
It's not a terrible game, just been handled terribly, the game play itself is great. But who gives a f*** about the pre-order set, more of an insult that they have sent here now to milk it some more, but that's what Activision do.
Posted 02:27pm 16/4/10
Wonder how good the nvgs are?
Yeh I'm tempted to bust them out to find out because I think this is the crux of whether this is worth buying. I'd love a pair of awesome NVGs.
re so
Posted 02:29pm 16/4/10
Are you sure they're actually releasing it here for sale trog? I thought it'd just be a promotional thing.

These were done up for the initial launch back in November, and I am fairly certain only a limited number were made.
Posted 02:41pm 16/4/10

Yeah man, would be the s***.
re so
Posted 02:48pm 16/4/10
Posted 02:49pm 16/4/10
sorry to be the linker of bad news on the nvgs

you're better off eating bags of carrots
Posted 02:51pm 16/4/10
I actually like mw2
I'm tempted to get mw1 just for the single player ;o
Posted 04:09pm 16/4/10
Looks like the nvgs could be win.
Posted 04:15pm 16/4/10
From what i've heard the NVGs aren't top notch but they aren't bad either and for the price (what? around $100 or something US was'nt it?) are pretty cool
Posted 04:18pm 16/4/10
Considering the price of normal nvgs it does sound decent.
Posted 05:45pm 16/4/10
yeah I'm pretty sure this "prestige" pack is basically the Limted Ed. Pre-order pack.Am I wrong? It sounds the same..

Maybe all the people who canceled their preorders have left a bunch of these packs laying around so they're giving them away. L O L
Posted 08:36pm 16/4/10
Wtf are you guys on about? this was out on release date and was the super limited edition of the game, essentially hardened edition in a huge box and with NvG...

Geez catch up people :P
Posted 01:21am 18/4/10
Gee Josh, thx for filling us all in on that little nugget of info, what would we do without you? o.O
Posted 09:46am 18/4/10
"Tell us in 25 words or less, how much you really don't want to win this product".

Everyone is a winner!
Posted 02:51pm 18/4/10
Well I guess you would die trauma, for everyone seems to think this was a preorder pack.
Posted 12:20am 19/4/10
Ok, so I thought I would give my insight on the NVG as I have had them since the release date of modern warfare 2.

Look wise they seem very plastic, and almost look like a toy.
There is Infinity ward and Mw2 stickers on it.

There are 2 vision modes, Night vision which works up to about 50 feet...not too bad but I wouldnt use it for hunting lol... paintballing would be great except I think they would be too flimsy and break ): Im not game to try and see what happens

the other vision mode is Infared, which is decent but not as good as the green mode.

It has an adjustable strap that to be honest isnt really that good.

Honestly unless your a collector its probably not worth getting...but its cool :D
Posted 12:21am 19/4/10
Also it takes 5 aa batteries, so it is very power hungry.
Posted 12:36am 19/4/10
the other vision mode is Infared, which is decent but not as good as the green mode.

Pretty sure I read a review or saw a video review on some NVG's and the "infra red" mode was just something that turns everything red. Was that these things?
Posted 01:45am 19/4/10
Nah it highlights certain things in a bright white colour. At least mine does, I dont see why they would make them different.
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