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Post by trog @ 03:02pm 15/04/10 | 12 Comments
Mount Hyjal has been a key part of Warcraft lore; fans know it as site of the climactic battle of Warcraft 3. Enterprising players in the original World of Warcraft found ways to sneak into the restricted area but found nothing but under-construction signs. The Burning Crusade expansion gave some high level players a taste of the zone in the Battle for Mount Hyjal encounter.

Now Blizzard have revealed details of the opening of Mount Hyjal as a zone for level 78-82 characters in the Cataclysm expansion:
In the wake of Deathwings cataclysmic return, a simple shielding of dense foliage will no longer do the trick. Mount Hyjal now lies exposed to the Elemental Plane of fire,where a very angry Ragnaros plots his revenge against all life on Azeroth.
In other news, all of the class previews are complete now that the Paladin preview has been revealed.

Finally, two developers from the class design team are holding a chat session on twitter, with live questions being accepted. Details on how to participate are available on the World of Warcraft official forums. thanks Malthius for the write-up!

world of warcraftcataclysm
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:38pm 15/4/10
a zone 5 years in the making better be bloody good lol
Posted 07:18pm 15/4/10
I remember my last forte into Hyjal.
Ah the memories. Bumped into a fellow mage while there. He was undead, so I'm glad he didn't kill me.

Posted 07:42pm 15/4/10
Posted 08:04pm 15/4/10
Posted 12:59am 16/4/10
Yeah, this sounds pretty epic, haven't really been that interested in Cataclysm but thats starting to change. Heres hoping that level of quality extends to the endgame stuff as well, and they don't phone it in like they did with Wrath.
Reverend Evil
Posted 07:13am 16/4/10
Just saw there's a new flying horse mount in the Blizz store. Went to grab it and I was put in a queue with a 5 hour wait. Said there were 85,000 other people in line.

Posted 07:54am 16/4/10
$25 US for that mount....lol..
Posted 12:06pm 16/4/10
lol WOW
Posted 01:16pm 16/4/10
by the sounds of the queue they should be flogging em for $50
Posted 01:31pm 16/4/10
Apparently the queue is up to 120'000 people now.

Who in there right mind who pay for something like this?
oh yea, 120'000 people...

It feels a lot like the new parachute textures for Just Cause 2. They were like $5 each.
Mean while modders, using the modding tools released with the game are pumping out their own textures for free.
Posted 01:59pm 16/4/10
That screenshot has given me massive wow cravings eXemplar... I usually do a few months a year, I spose it's about time.

Just the epic adventures we'd get up to when traipsing through that world unbound...
Posted 03:52pm 16/4/10
apparently there's been 150,000 so far @ $25 US each

that is a crazy amount of coin for something so novel - damn good money making machine they have going over there
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