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Post by trog @ 02:17pm 14/04/10 | 14 Comments
2K have announced XCOM, currently being developed by a local Aussie studio based out of Canberra, being reborn as a first-person shooter:
XCOM is the re-imagining of the classic tale of humanity’s struggle against an unknown enemy that puts players directly into the shoes of an FBI agent tasked with identifying and eliminating the growing threat. True to the roots of the franchise, players will be placed in charge of overcoming high-stake odds through risky strategic gambits coupled with heart-stopping combat experiences that pit human ingenuity – and frailty – against a foe beyond comprehension. By setting the game in a first-person perspective, players will be able to feel the tension and fear that comes with combating a faceless enemy that is violently probing and plotting its way into our world.
Targeted for the PC and Xbox 360, this re-imagining of the series will no doubt raise eyebrows around the globe. A single image accompanies the press release, which you can see right here.


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Posted 02:23pm 14/4/10
i don't xactly remember any 'heart-stopping combat experiences' from the original... turn based 2d sprites don't really get the heart stoppin' ;p

imo.. xcom:enemy unknown was a classic because of the time it came out & how there was nothing much like it in that time. it'd be a boring anachronism these days. also the screenshot looks a bit crap :p
Posted 02:35pm 14/4/10
Isn't Irrational Games in Canberra?
Posted 03:13pm 14/4/10
They're called 2K Australia now, but yeah, they're in Canberra.
Posted 03:20pm 14/4/10
It's a bit weird, cuz the official PR says its being done by '2K Marin', but the local media peeps are saying it's done by a local Canberra team, which I can only assume is the ex-Irrational
Posted 04:06pm 14/4/10
Apparently they're all called 2K Marin now, and the Canberra arm of 2K Marin is project lead on the XCOM 'reimagining'. They're also dropping the hypen! Blasphemy!
Posted 04:22pm 14/4/10
UFO:Enemy Unknown was chiefly a turn based squad tactical game. The game worked extremely well. Making it a FPS totally changes the type of game it is, not just a re-imaging.

That is the same as re-making Jagged Alliance as a FPS. It isn't the same if you can't order Jimmy to cover Ivan so he can ninja stab people while you have Ice on overwatch covering your flank.

Stupid remakes.

Posted 04:31pm 14/4/10
Yeah, but they've made a space combat game and a third person shooter with the X-COM license before so doing something different is nothing new.
Posted 06:00pm 14/4/10
And they both sucked. Re-image it as a Turn based squad tactical game with today's technology, not pause-able realtime too, proper turn based.

O well. I hope they totally surprise me with a very outstanding game.
Posted 06:06pm 14/4/10
All the 00's iterations of XCOM have been quite depressing, they would have to pull a rabbit out of the hat for this to be any good.

Ahhh X-COM, its that game you would lend to your friends and they would all think it was s***, it was like your own secret gem. The original System Shock was the same.
Posted 06:10pm 14/4/10
Aye wasn't it. Lolollook at you hahahackkkerrr aa pappattthheetic piillee of flleeesshh annd booo oone

Ahah, good times.
Posted 06:35pm 14/4/10
That is the same as re-making Jagged Alliance as a FPS. It isn't the same if you can't order Jimmy to cover Ivan so he can ninja stab people while you have Ice on overwatch covering your flank.

Good times. :D
Posted 06:48pm 14/4/10
Every single game I played I started and finished with Ivan. He was dirt cheap for his awesomeness!
Posted 09:45pm 14/4/10
Nice to hear we're getting a cool looking game. Not saying we haven't, but just nice to see :)
Posted 12:06am 15/4/10
Too bad, the industry totally needs more turn based squad combat imo. Oh well, back to jagged alliance 2.
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