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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:31am 14/04/10 | 17 Comments
Ex-Ensemble man and head of newly formed Windstorm Entertainment, Dusty Monk, has spoken out about the killed-off Halo MMO, which he worked on for three years and had a development budget of some 90 million dollars.

Speaking with IncGamers, Monk explains how the MMO was essentially shut-down due to a refocus of internal development for the Xbox 360, in part as a response to the success of the Wii and a desire to tap the mainstream market.

"They were looking really hard at the Nintendo Wii and they were really excited by the numbers that the Wii was turning," he told the site. "This was about the time that Microsoft decided that its Xbox platform and XBLA really needed to go more in the direction of appealing to a more casual, broader audience."

Talking about the canceled project, Monk decisively asserts the game's potential to not only tap the WoW market, but to also compete with it.

"Even though a lot of people talk about how you just can't build a WoW killer, I absolutely believe that we could have built an MMO," he said. "If Microsoft had maintained their commitment, that if it hadn't been a WoW killer it certainly would've competed."

Given Microsoft's continued commitment to the Halo series, and a price tag of some 90 million smackeroos, I'm reticent to think this was all solely because of the Wii, especially with three years of development time behind them. A Halo game would certainly carry the kind of weight needed to get up on WoW's face, whether it could have stayed there or even taken over though, is another story entirely. Hit the link above for the full interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:27am 14/4/10
I won't believe anything can be a wow killer or competitor until I see it happen. It's very nice to be able to say that your canceled game would have killed/competed with wow now that you don't have to prove anything :-\

The WoW killer will be an MMO that is as refined and easy to play as WoW from the start. The whole model of start off small and grow to be massive only seems to work for the first MMO. WoW started great and has just packed on the features every patch. Aion for example (which I loved, but didn't hold me) has great potential, but there's a lot more work and features it needs to steal from WoW to get there (though here's hoping... was a nice looking game)... (I am by no means a hardcore mmo player though)
Posted 09:05am 14/4/10
Yeh you pretty much covered it LOTUK. Nothing has even come close to competing with WoW. I think the next game to make a dent in WoW will be Blizzard's new MMO tbh.
Posted 09:12am 14/4/10
Well iinitally WAR seemed to be gaining some ground, however that fell away fast. I believe now that WAR is on as low as 2 - 4 servers world wide.

However WoW is just too strong at the moment. I think of the game like a semi-trailer going at max speed, it is going to take alot to slow the f!@#er down. Perhaps the expected Warhammer40k MMO could hold ground long enough to place second to WoW. But as Bertis said it will take another Blizzard game to make a dent in WoW.
Posted 09:31am 14/4/10
What annoys me is that WAR had some amazing features but was just too unrefined for me to make the move. I may someday if Aion gains some serious momentum continue leveling HugoRune, but till then, bring on Cataclysm before I get bored of WoW again :P
Posted 11:30am 14/4/10
I think the old republic has potential, but it's looking very clunky.
Posted 11:46am 14/4/10
I truly believe WAR could have easily competed with WoW if it wasn't for EA meddling with things.

Then again I blame EA for everything bad in the gaming world. Blamgen should really be changed to say EA.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:22pm 14/4/10
I don't think I could play a Star Wars MMO. Not that it would be bad but I really hate the architecture of the buildings.
Posted 12:39pm 14/4/10
yeah agree with greazy
it had the basic blocks, plus some good new features but was released way too early to cater to the huge pve crowd - it had bugger all pve content compared to wow - in fact even compared to daoc I would say
Posted 12:59pm 14/4/10
I loved early Star Wars Galaxies, being a Droid Engineer was great. But like all things Sony, they turned it around for some brown satisfaction.
Posted 03:33pm 14/4/10
Well at least we can all take satifaction in the fact that WoW will eventually fall, whether by another game or by time. Nothing can stay at the top for ever.

Old Republic could be good, however I think the player base will be far more shifted towards the sith factions, and so bioware need to take that into account.

As for the could be Halo MMO, I think it would have only been mildly successful. I doubt it would of had the quailty of console multiplayer, and with time most people would return to that.
Posted 03:37pm 14/4/10
old republic will be iffy. no lightsaber dismembering.
Posted 03:47pm 14/4/10
the old republic is probably the only mmo coming out that could compete with wow. not only do they have potential customers from other mmo's, but also star wars fans, kotor/bioware fans.

i read an article a little while ago that wow is actually losing my players than gaining them. anyone noticed this ingame, or is the player base just too large to tell?
Posted 03:56pm 14/4/10
it's not something that will be noticable in game for a long time rav.
If anything it seems as though there's s***loads more due to all the alts running around. new names all over the place.
Posted 03:58pm 14/4/10
they say the same about the star trek mmo...

at the end of the day, if an mmo comes out and it lacks the quality that wow currently has then it will not even come close to having the same numbers.

People have forgotten the fact that mmo's are works in progress.. that they start off s*** and get better... people no longer want to slog it out untill the game gets patched and improved and balanced, and people no longer want to try something that is 1-2years old reguardless of the changes it has undertaken.

I will be very interested to see how blizzards next mmo goes, if people will play it and stick to it just because its a blizzard game or if it struggle due to not have the balance and finess that wow has taken 5+ years to get.

there are many examples of this to prove my arguement... one fine example is conan.
Posted 09:52pm 14/4/10
WAR was, and still is, a beta test of a game. It lags, it plays badly on computers, the servers can't handle RVR (if it still exists :S). Old Republic is what I am personally waiting for, not to kill WoW, but to play for MY enjoyment. Thats what I don't get. People go spouting how this MMO or that MMO are going to kill WoW. Who cares? Your the one paying to play. Enjoy it. Do it your own dam way, don't give two f**** about who thinks it won't kill WoW.

I have a friend whose level 138 in Runescape. And his 20. He won't touch any other MMO, 'sept he played a bit of Maplestory. He likes RS, and thats why he still plays it. He knows there are "better" quality games, but he doesn't care, he enjoys what he likes, which is what everyone else should.

Posted 09:53pm 14/4/10
people still play runescape?
Posted 09:54pm 14/4/10
He does :P And I'm gonna see whats new, haven't played it since I was 13 :S Waiting for Cataclysm, so I need something to tend my MMO needs while I do my tafe work
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