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Post by ravn0s @ 12:16pm 13/04/10 | 14 Comments
The Internets are abuzz with today's announcement that Jason West and Vince Zampella, formerly of Infinity Ward, have formed their own development studio: Respawn Entertainment.
"Respawn Entertainment marks a fresh start for Jason and me," said Zampella. "For the past decade we led a great development team and poured our hearts into creating an epic game franchise. We're very proud of what we built--and proud that so many millions of fans enjoyed those games. Today we hope to do it all over again--open a new studio, hire a great team, and create brand new games with a new partner, EA."
West and Zampella are still embroiled in a lawsuit after they were fired from Infinity Ward; Gamer/Law have more on that but basically the case is still developing and so far it seems that there's still a lot of stuff that has not yet come to light. promoted/edited forum item

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Posted 12:28pm 13/4/10
I have a PR I'm just about to put up about this, sorry !@#

edit: savaged your post rav but thought I'd promote it rather than just lock it; hope you don't mind the changes

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Posted 12:37pm 13/4/10
with a new partner, EA.

I'm not sure if I should be excited or apprehensive...
Posted 01:26pm 13/4/10
Yeah skeptical, though I thought the name Respawn was hilarious given the circumstances.
Posted 01:27pm 13/4/10
Yeah skeptical, though I thought the name Respawn was hilarious given the circumstances.

yer its a clever name
Posted 01:38pm 13/4/10
Activision > EA is like getting stabbed in the gut rather then getting shot in the leg.
Posted 01:38pm 13/4/10
yea pretty sweet name for them, but EA, oh my... hey they should take the MOH MP from DICE and get Respawn to do it, not that they would be at all ready for that but I don't want a BC2 clone.
Posted 01:48pm 13/4/10
atleast with the agreement with EA, they have full ownerhip rights of their IP's.
Posted 02:03pm 13/4/10
So instead of IWnet we will have REnet
Posted 02:05pm 13/4/10
EA is a massive step up from Activision. EA is nowhere near as bad as they used to be. I'll be interested to see if any of the team from IW leaves to go to Respawn.
Posted 02:06pm 13/4/10
EA is nowhere near as bad as they used to be.
Wat? What recent events are you thinking of that makes you think this?
Posted 07:17pm 13/4/10
Given that Valve is out there, I don't know why they even bother with EA or deActivision
Posted 08:05pm 13/4/10
Even Valve uses EA for retail copies of games. Seems EA can do a pretty good job if they are playing by the dev's terms :P
Posted 09:03pm 13/4/10
Wat? What recent events are you thinking of that makes you think this?

I think its more:
Activision has douchebag Bobby Kotick at the helm, that guy is a douche
Take Two is off trying to find Duke Nukem Forever (or at least a pot of gold)
Sony is too busy removing features from its hardware to publish games
Ubisoft is off infringing on Sony's "lets f*** over our legit users" patent
Eidos is too busy getting game reviewers fired
Microsoft is, well Microsoft
Square Enix is too busy buying up the industry
Bethesda is still trying to figure out what the f*** to do with Carmack
Nintendo won't publish anything that runs over 480p

So less about EA being less evil, more about the rest of the industry catching up
Posted 10:06pm 13/4/10
The funniest part is the core founders of Infinity Ward left their previous employer, 2015 Inc after the bad experience of making the first Medal of Honor: Allied Assault....for EA
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