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Post by trog @ 04:20pm 12/04/10 | 15 Comments
EA have sent through a sweet new cinematic trailer for Crysis 2, showcasing a fraction of the back story in the location - the devastated ruins of New York which have become a battleground.

The cinematic is set to a very cool rendition of "New York, New York" and is worth a look - check it out here or stream directly below:

crysis 2trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:44pm 12/4/10
Just need a new nvidia reactor to play it
Posted 04:50pm 12/4/10
at least they made the aliens less lame 'matrix rip-off squiddies' than in the first crysis :P

i'll probably play it... i didn't mind crysis sp. :D
Posted 04:53pm 12/4/10
yea, crysis sp was good, but the multiplayer was s*** and they didnt support it much after release. Not sure im gonna get burned twice

Posted 04:54pm 12/4/10
Posted 05:00pm 12/4/10
I liked crysis, but when it got to the aliens it was just bulls***.

Im liking what Ive seen of this game so far.

People need to keep in mind that its still in development and that any choppyness will probably be fixed.
Posted 05:01pm 12/4/10
dont count on it joshy
Posted 05:21pm 12/4/10
yes, but does your new nvidia tesla reactor fusion 48 core gpu play Crysis 3? :P
Posted 05:44pm 12/4/10
My 10 cpu 40 GPU super nintendostation box 360 will play crysis 3 quite easily, thanks for asking.
Posted 05:51pm 12/4/10
Eh, Crysis 1 and the exp weren't that good. Story was mild. Gameplay was mild. All it was, was a test baby for the engine.
Posted 05:53pm 12/4/10
thats some mutley hardware you have there uwhoop, te he he he
Posted 11:07pm 12/4/10
Enjoyed the trailer. Haven't upgraded properly in 3 years not upgrading to have this game pineapple my hardware either.
Posted 09:27pm 13/4/10
I doubt the system requirements for this will be as steep as that for the original, considering the xbox 360 and ps3 will be able to play it, and the graphical leap isn't that great compared to Crysis and what came before it. I can't wait!
Posted 12:20am 16/4/10
Donno about you guys but the song to this Trailer is really really nice remake of the lovely frank Sinatra song.

Wish the person singing this would do the full song ^_^
Posted 12:38am 16/4/10
How do you know she hasn't done a full version?
Posted 01:59am 16/4/10
I love the song they used for the trailer. Very creepy and gives off a horror movie type vibe. Almost reminds me of the awesome Mad World song from the original GoW trailer (which was awesome too). Apparantly the person who sung this one has said she'll release the full song if enough people are interested in it. But that was according to a youtube comment so that take for what it's worth.
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