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Post by trog @ 02:50pm 12/04/10 | 7 Comments
Remember the old days, when you could download a PC game and play it for years because it was designed in such a way that hobbyists could mod it and you could download free content and extend the game in unusual, interesting and outright awesome ways?

Well, some of those days are still around - the Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2 just got an update:
Project Reality v0.91 is primarily a "bug fix" release to correct issues which were introduced with the Project Reality v0.9 release. In this new patch, we have strived to fix and tweak as many aspects of the game as possible to creating the most realistic, team oriented, online gaming experience available on the PC. Here is a brief overview of the major fixes made:
* Fixed TOW/HJ8 crash for some people when entering.
* Fixed Leopard 2A6 and Merkava HUDs having several graphic issues.
* Fixed IDF using english voices in some maps.
* Fixed spectator camera vehicle (prbot) crashing dedicated servers.
* Enemies close to mapper placed rally points will expire them.
* Forward Outposts can't be deployed too close to the edge of the map.
* Lowered maximum number of TOWs per team from 3 to 2.
* Medic kit requires 2 players in the squad to be requestable, instead of 4.
* Rally Points rearm automatically 10 min after expiring. Skirmish gamemode it's still 2 min.
* Updated various maps to help with performance issues.
* Updated Deployable MG nests to have 4x zoom.
* Losing a Forward Outpost will add a slow ticket bleed to the team on CnC.
* The team has 5 min to rebuild a destroyed Forward Outpost before the bleed starts on CnC.
* Forward Outposts must be deployed closer to the center of the map to inflict higher ticket bleed on the enemy on CnC.
* Decreased tickets from 300 to 200 on Vehicle Warfare.
You can update from the previous version or download the full client (almost four gig!) in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2

battlefield 2
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:11pm 12/4/10
Misleading title, it's a patch not a new mod.
Posted 03:16pm 12/4/10
Yeah Trog!
Posted 03:41pm 12/4/10
it's a new version; anyone that is familiar with the mod will know what it means, and anyone that isn't will have to read the rest of the post anyway, right?
Posted 04:57pm 12/4/10
Is it a good mod though?
Posted 07:36pm 12/4/10
it's a new version; anyone that is familiar with the mod will know what it means, and anyone that isn't will have to read the rest of the post anyway, right?

Read the rest? like the part where it say's "In this new patch..."?
Posted 08:50am 13/4/10
Do many aussies play PR?
Posted 04:10pm 13/4/10
It was a great MOD, pity Battlefield 2 doesnt exist on my computer no more. I'd give it another crack if I didnt have BFBC2.
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