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Post by trog @ 09:29am 10/04/10 | 18 Comments
Blizzard have posted some information to their forums with some details about the upcoming class changes that you can expect to see in Cataclysm. There's one apparently big announcement:
We're doing our Cataclysm preview on the death knight changes later this week, but we knew one change risked overshadowing all the others, so we figured we'd go ahead and drop the proverbial Blood bomb today.

In Cataclysm, death knights will have a dedicated tanking tree, much like the other three tank classes. That tree will be Blood.
There are separate posts for the other class details: Shaman, the Priest, the Warlock, the Warrior, and the Death Knight.

Update: a couple readers pointed out in the comments that the Hunter and Rogue details are also available.

world of warcraftcataclysm
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:42am 10/4/10
thx I know that's there; it's non-promotable and these are new posts not covered in that thread that I can see at all

also why are you still using qgl site when you could be using shiny new ausgamers site with qgl theme :(
Tanaka Khan
Posted 09:44am 10/4/10
Never knew there was one trog. This is the url that's been ingrained into my head over the years. Whats the new url then?
Posted 09:46am 10/4/10
hehe I bumped the other thread about it. I guess you are an a) :)
Posted 10:23am 10/4/10
Hunter preview now out. Kinda underwhelming cept for camoflauge.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:27am 10/4/10
Yeah, I thought the same about the priest class as well.

Any idea how that deathgrip thingy for the priest works? Wonder if it gets that person outta agro because it would kinda suck dragging them back to you with a bunch of mobs following.

Posted 10:38am 10/4/10
where's the hunter one; I'll add to OP?
Posted 10:56am 10/4/10
Posted 04:03pm 10/4/10
Is it worth comming back too?
Posted 04:04pm 10/4/10
not certain yet... stay tuned.
Posted 04:06pm 10/4/10
Yeah, I'm keeping up to date with it all from what I read with the Shaman class and the general idea what Blizzard are trying to achieve just looks like they are making it more easy-mode then it already is...
I miss 40 man raids.
Posted 04:52pm 10/4/10
See, back when I was playing it "hardcore" in BC, I was pissed off at blizzard's attempts to make it more casual friendly and easy. But since coming back, I actually really appreciate all their efforts, cos it means I can play the game casually, without having to poor all my time into it, and still see all the content and do cool s***. I've decided I much prefer it that way now.
Posted 09:58pm 10/4/10
Looks like there trying to bring back the fun in spells. Some of them sound absolute win, like the priests death grip. But remember, this is gonna change in beta, like everything does :(
Posted 01:58am 11/4/10
Mage sounds like it has some pretty fun stuff
Posted 02:14am 11/4/10
Mage sounds like it has some pretty fun stuff

It's making me consider coming back... but only a little bit
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