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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:28pm 09/04/10 | 15 Comments
AusGamers was recently invited out to the Rockstar ranch to rustle us up some Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, which we very quickly discovered is actually an awesome offering, not merely tacked on to like so many other mp offerings out there.

Further to that though, is the option of a single unique multiplayer mode that really is incredible, and one of the most innovative things we've seen for this sort of game, ever. The preview comes replete with specific multiplayer screens (of which we have three samples below), but for even more, click here to go to our gallery. Also be sure to check out the embedded video below for a detailed look at the game's Free Roam mode.

Jump into our hands-on right here.

red dead redemptionrockstarpreviewmultiplayer
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:55pm 09/4/10
Good write up, this game is shaping up to be really good.
Posted 04:18pm 09/4/10
Agree with d^, nice work.

it's highly likely we'll be seeing clans forming

Clans? Totally missed opportunity to use the word Posse in a sentence. :)
Edit: Nevermind,Posse is already used up above. doh!
Posted 04:37pm 09/4/10
See call me old fashioned (And i do think this is cool) but this is one of my pet peeves with new generation consoles.

I enjoyed sitting down with mates in my living room with some brewskies to do some split screen (Again, old fashioned) and use my PC for online MP now "IF" this comes out on PC then flipping fantastic but other wise, annoying.
Posted 05:05pm 09/4/10
Sweet MP, they need to get this onto PC ASAP, but I must admit this is a console game that temps me to buy a console, but i know full well how s*** it is trying aim with a controller so screw that.
Posted 05:07pm 09/4/10
How does dead eye work in multi player? isnt it similar to bullet time? does the whole server slow down?
Posted 05:13pm 09/4/10
Oh god, another game I'm just going to have to get. It looks really good :)

Steve, are the environments destructible?
Posted 05:26pm 09/4/10
im interested to know if the ps3 versions will have the same graphical annoyances that plagued gta4, and which out of the 2 consoles the games being released for will be the best choice.

i purchased gta 4 for the ps3 and was very annoyed that the game looked and ran quite better on the 360... i was only annoyed on the basis that had i known earlier i would of bought the game for xbox360 instead.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:30pm 09/4/10
E.T. nah, not that I saw in any multiplayer modes we played. In single-player there are parts of the environment that can be blown to shreds (barrels of TNT will do that).

groganus - everything I've been shown so far has all been from 360 debugs, so I would suggest that platform TBH

Shroud, nah just your screen, it just slows the action in your view a bit so you can aim better, but the more you run your crosshairs over the target in Dead Eye, the more you'll hit him - it's an awesome mechanic
Posted 05:41pm 09/4/10
I think what he was getting at was, assume you're in dead eye slow mo, can some guy come up behind you at normal speed and rape you?
Posted 05:52pm 09/4/10
Hey Steve, are there any actual restrictions to the free roaming you encountered while giving free roam mode a go?
Posted 06:05pm 09/4/10
as a PC gamer i hate to say it but - Game Of the Year ?
Posted 08:49pm 09/4/10
Hey Steve,

Next time to you chat to rockstar, perhaps ask them to confirm how edited red dead redemption will be, since its 18 in the UK and the oflc has given this an MA15+

Posted 10:54pm 09/4/10
Man rockstar are really going all out on this title.

Looks good, can't wait to play it.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:52am 10/4/10

the game is unedited in Australia - we get the same version as the rest of the world
Posted 04:15pm 10/4/10
I'm looking forward to this, so many good games this year my wallet is empty :(
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