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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:00pm 06/04/10 | 25 Comments
The second part of Rockstar's educational run of trailers outlining "life in the West" has been released today, and adds further to just how promising this game is looking.

Showcasing more of your ability to live off the lam, interact with its denizens and build yourself varying levels of fame and mistrust are but a few parts of an overall excellent video. Again, everything we're seeing is just looking incredible, and the new information about duelling in towns is definitely very cool.

More info can be found directly from our game page, but you can check out the new video in the embed below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:27pm 06/4/10
As if we need more reasons to want Red Dead Redemption.
Please don't screw it up with some obnoxious DRM scheme Rockstar!
Posted 04:46pm 06/4/10
wow looks nice
Posted 05:02pm 06/4/10
Isen't it console only anyway hence no DRM (Well the annoying PC kind anyway).

Really looking foward to this not alot of good western games.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:05pm 06/4/10
I enjoyed GUN, but when I think about it, I kind of think I only enjoyed it because it was one of the only Western games out there - such an untapped genre with heaps of potential...
Posted 05:10pm 06/4/10
What im waiting to find out is if i should get this on ps3 or 360....
Posted 05:14pm 06/4/10
that will be my next playstation game i think.
Posted 05:36pm 06/4/10
Looks incredible, I want it on pc.
Posted 05:37pm 06/4/10
pcs r so outdated
Posted 06:55pm 06/4/10
Looks great, cant wait for it to come to PC like GTA IV did, the worth will be worth it for a better game as is GTA IV on PC vs console... some of the videos of the console version look like a ghost town, on the PC there was so much more AI/NPC and the city looked alive.

Hope they do bring it to PC and make it even better!
Posted 09:07pm 06/4/10
I want....on PC.

I love westerns.

I loved Outlaws from lucasarts back in the day. And Freddy Pharkas frontier pharmacy was a good laugh.
Posted 09:14pm 06/4/10
I wonder if they'll bring it out for the ipad
Posted 09:46pm 06/4/10
Just heard that multiplayer for RDR will include free roaming co op

It's been years since I've been this excited for a game
Posted 10:09pm 06/4/10
wow looks pretty good for a game about redneck Alabama
Posted 10:46pm 06/4/10

while i love cross thread references as much as the next guy - just fyi, alabama is in the south of the USA. westerns get their name from being set... well, in the west.

edit: dw i'm just being a semantic a******, not to be confused with a semitic a****** of course :P

last edited by taggs at 22:46:21 06/Apr/10
Posted 10:31pm 06/4/10
Oh well paint me green and call me gumby, good point.

I knew Alabama is south but for some reason the western bit didn't register in my brain.

I just saw redneck cow boys sounding like dr phill going POW POW EEEEEEHA DAYNCE SUGARRRR and assumed they're all the same.

I'm as ignorant and as stereotypical as the next guy :(
Posted 10:39pm 06/4/10
Just heard that multiplayer for RDR will include free roaming co op

Hmmm, that puts me in a pickle. Most of my mates have 360s, but I don't have Live Gold. Fewer have PS3s, but I don't need to pay to play. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if any of them get it on PS3.
Posted 10:50pm 06/4/10
$50 says there will be some way they f*** this up for PC but i would actually pay for it if they don't instead of pirating it.
Posted 08:05am 07/4/10
i would like to see some of them thar nudity
Posted 08:07am 07/4/10
I'll be your PSN friend midda. We can exchange photos if you want.
Posted 08:47am 07/4/10
Only if you promise to be nice.
Posted 01:29pm 07/4/10
Does ausgamers get these emails?

Also, thats just how seedy i would expect a zoo writer to look.
Posted 01:56pm 07/4/10
Outlaws was the s***

Loved the music from it too

Just heard that multiplayer for RDR will include free roaming co op

Source or lying

last edited by WetWired at 13:56:15 07/Apr/10
Posted 02:22pm 07/4/10
I want it to be released for PC, I'll be damned if I ever get a console.
Posted 03:55pm 07/4/10
Does ausgamers get these emails?

Also, thats just how seedy i would expect a zoo writer to look.

It's PR's job to go around promoting their game saying how amazing it is and how much effort was put into the title.
This guy is very unprofessional, he was warned a few times before being fired and then posted work emails on his facebook.
Hopefully he can't get back into the industry
Posted 05:06pm 07/4/10
Yeah i know the article looked like a typical beatup, and the quotes didnt look very incriminating, just basically a pr guy going "best thing since jesus", but i was kinda interested to see if the Ausgamers staff had a take on this.
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