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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:02am 06/04/10 | 3 Comments
AusGamers was recently invited out to Activision's Santa Monica HQ for a very early look at their recently revealed Spider-Man reboot, Shattered Dimensions.

In case you missed the reveal trailer, we have a nice and heady preview for you to eat up, that gives a run-down on how the game is shaping up, what's in store for combat, story and more. It's definitely a work in progress at the moment, but the game is definitely on the right track to likely deliver the Spidey goods thanks to a redirection in scope and pace, as well as the inclusion (and dovetail) of four distinct Spider-Man universes.

Click here for our full preview.

previewbeenoxspider-man: shattered dimensions

Latest Comments
Posted 11:16pm 06/4/10
would be awesome if one of the dimensions is marvel zombies.
Posted 11:54am 07/4/10
Excited to see how this one pans out, here's hoping all four universes are as good as each other. I dislike slogging through poor sections in games just to get back to the good stuff =]
Posted 03:24am 08/4/10
I'm betting manga spidey will be one of the dimensions....spiderman 2099 would be cool but they will prolly do the ultimate universe or movie spidey
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