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Post by trog @ 03:03pm 01/04/10 | 31 Comments
Courtesy of Blizzard, we are pretty stoked to be launching this truly awesome competition - we've got access to the StarCraft 2 beta to give away. Oh, and we've also got one extra special access that comes with a stack of sweet StarCraft gear - a StarCraft II Raynor n00bz figure, a Marine T-shirt featuring art by Scrojo, a ĎTerran Ghostí poster featuring art by Wei Wang, a Zergling Coloisonnť pin and - if that's not enough - a 'I <3 StarCraft' magnetic bumper sticker. You can check out some photos of all this awesome gear if the mere mention of them doesn't make you start drooling.

If you're keen to try to get your hands on this phat loot, or want to have a crack at getting into the highly exclusive beta, then I strongly recommend you enter our competition!

starcraft 2competition

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Posted 03:06pm 01/4/10
I want, I want, I want, I want.

Off to rack my stupid brain, 25 words is hard :/
Posted 03:08pm 01/4/10
Jacked up and good to go!
Posted 03:09pm 01/4/10
omg omg omg
Posted 03:17pm 01/4/10
Term: BLBK.
Meaning: Ask Jerds...
Posted 03:17pm 01/4/10
I want the figurine :(
Posted 03:18pm 01/4/10
Term: BLBK. Meaning: Ask Jerds...

Holy crap, its been awhile
Posted 03:18pm 01/4/10
Damn it trog, you could of left
excluding employees and officers of the Promoter and any agency associated with the promotion of the competition and their immediate families.
out of the T&C :P I wants the shiney
Posted 03:19pm 01/4/10
does it have to be a starcraft related tactic or just a tactic from any game?
Posted 04:14pm 01/4/10
The "Sim City". When you've clearly lost a match but are wasting the time of the opponent. You build as many supply depot as possible.
Posted 04:28pm 01/4/10
Well, Sim City is actually when you build lots of buildings such as defense towers and whatnot.

Turtling is when you build a very strong defense and push forward slowly with defense tower type buildings.

Unfortunately these are common terms and not 'coined' by us lol.
Posted 04:31pm 01/4/10
I can't think of anything to make up that doesn't involve being ass fisted or shat on :(
Posted 04:45pm 01/4/10
i wrote

"epic fail rush

build mass scvs/drones/probes and rush with them only to be wiped by 3 tier 1 units.*

*not recommended strategy
Posted 04:51pm 01/4/10
Well, Sim City is actually when you build lots of buildings such as defense towers and whatnot.

to be perfectly accurate, sim city is when you use your tech buildings in a defensive way to protect your actual towers and to also create a choke point

Posted 04:52pm 01/4/10
paging Mass to the thread.
Posted 05:27pm 01/4/10
mine was something like this,

Rick Rolled: Defeating your opponent with the art of deception. Luring your opponent to believe a false outcome resulting in their embarrassing defeat.
Posted 02:57am 02/4/10
Well, Sim City is actually when you build lots of buildings such as defense towers and whatnot.
Nah thats when you start reminding the oponents that they have to press custom map button to get to tower defense, not quickplay :)

Or you call them walling f*****s. lol

Tower / bunker rushing people can work well in that game sometimes.. I've watched a few korean games where bunker rushing has been hilariously successful in ruining their income and cycling in and out a SCV constantly repairing it almost seems like cheating..

PS: being angry on battlenet is a hobby for me...
Posted 04:52am 02/4/10
We can only enter once or more?
Posted 11:19am 02/4/10
I entered the following:

The Tom Selleck Offensive: To attack your opponent with an overwhelming number of mustache-resembling Brood Lords.
Posted 08:44pm 02/4/10
Finally came up with something;

The Conroy - Not admitting defeat even though 99% of spectators say you have lost.

Surprisingly this has some truth behind it.. one of my friends used to constantly say he didn't lose a round of an RTS or FPS even though he was annihilated, there was always an excuse of "my PC locked up" or "you can't zerg rush that's cheating"
Posted 10:54pm 03/4/10
signed sealed and delivered
Posted 02:20am 04/4/10
been in the beta since Jan, it's good.
Posted 03:20am 04/4/10
beta since jan hey... thats interesting unless you're like best buds with blizz and even then i give u shifty eyes.
Posted 08:41am 04/4/10
Man that figurine is swoit!

I wanwt it i'm awwn it.
Posted 12:57pm 04/4/10
i was going to put "The Mineral Rush" where instead of attacking as early as possible with your SCVs/probes/drones, you actually harvest the mineral and build more harvesters.

Try it, it's gosu.
Posted 02:41pm 04/4/10
just enterd myn fingers crossed ^-^, just saw a sc2 vid couple days and just said to myself "i must have"
Posted 05:25pm 04/4/10
i some how got in the first 1500 people
Posted 11:19pm 05/4/10
april fools
Posted 01:21am 06/4/10
build lots of buildings such as defense towers and whatnot.
I thought that was walling... maybe thats just what i called it in wc3. When there were lots of towers denying entry into a base, you called them a walling f** and massed long range air (chimeras frostwyrms and batriders gargs to deny thir t3 epic air) or catapults while expanding. I couldn't remember the terms until now for some reason.. its been a while since wc3..
Posted 05:09pm 06/4/10
I think the more commonly used term is 'turtling' like Toll said, anyone who goes hard on base defences is turtling.

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Posted 12:12pm 08/4/10
I don't even know who Brad is but now thanks nerd shredder girl even I think he's a D*** Tracey

Not very nice wasting beta keys like that though, she needs to learn some respect for what she'll never have
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