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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:04pm 30/03/10 | 20 Comments
Strapping on our ever respawning parachute, we've taken Just Cause 2 through its gameplay paces and explored as much of the island nation of Panau as possible to really see what's up with videogaming's latest sandbox gaming option.

Thankfully what's on offer here is a stunningly rich game with a fully realised, functioning game-world let down slightly by bad writing, disengaging characters, horrible voice-acting and poor mission structuring. Though none of this stops Just Cause 2 from being a game well worth an investment.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:24pm 30/3/10
There's no need for the parachute, it's fun to get around in, but my trusty grappling hook can pull me to a safe landing, even from this intense drop.

lol, leave Newtonian explanations at the door, only JustCausian physics can explain how jumping out of a plane and then *pulling* on the ground can slow your fall.
Nice review Steve, very much looking forward to firing up this game.
Posted 07:03pm 30/3/10
There are these Jets on the island that are awesome. Some of the in game distance can take over 10mins to get around. Find the nearest airfield and steal a plane!

There is a futuristic fighter jet at one of the fields that pwns. Combat gets fairly repetitive but using the grappling hook to attach some enemy to a passing car is fun.
Posted 07:06pm 30/3/10
I pity anyone with ocd that plays this game.

It's pretty fun and runs well on my old pos pc.
AI is pretty lacking overall, and for some reason they're all excellent shots from really far away with a shotgun
The poor ai doesnt bother me, and you have plenty of health so them being good shots isnt that bad.. what is annoying though is them spawning all around you.. which seems really lazy because at points they airdrop in from choppers, drive in from cars etc.

Grappling a car to the ground is always good fro a laugh too, or hook some guy onto your boat and tow him from behind while he screams.

last edited by Bah at 19:06:10 30/Mar/10
Posted 09:02pm 30/3/10
Got my copy today, loving it, grappled a cops bike to the side of a bridge, the bike flew off the bridge and he face planted, I lol'd.
Posted 09:40pm 30/3/10
This game is full of wacky funtimes. I get far too sidetracked :P
Posted 09:44pm 30/3/10
Make sure you grab BOLOPatch, allows multiple ropes and improves their strength.
Posted 09:47pm 30/3/10
From the steam store:
Just Cause 2 only supports Windows Vista or Windows 7 and requires a video card that supports DirectX 10 or higher. Windows XP and DirectX 9 are not supported.

Interesting! Is there a chance this may actually strain my graphics card? Might buy it sometime ...
Posted 09:53pm 30/3/10
So you missed this?
Posted 10:32pm 30/3/10
Is there a chance this may actually strain my graphics card?
Runs fine on my ati3850, so i don't think it really strains graphics cards, although as the vid above says it does have extra features you can turn on.
Posted 11:37pm 30/3/10
DL the PC demo now, i wont make the same mistake in buying a badly PC ported game again after my horrid experience with BFBC2.

Ive already tried the PS3 demo and seems like a cool game
Posted 06:38am 31/3/10
the demo put me off this game :(
Posted 08:01am 31/3/10
I'm not sure if I would recommend it. It's fun in a sandbox kind of fashion. Once you get used to the grapple you can do some wacky stuff.

The FOV when using aircraft gives me motion sickness though :/
Posted 09:52am 31/3/10
+1 for the Bolopatch.

Unbreakable multi ropes = double the awesomeness
Posted 10:09am 31/3/10
I too was turned off by the demo and i loved the first one.
Posted 10:45am 31/3/10
the demo put me off this game :(

Spooky explain!

It looks like a lot of fun. Anyone know what game engine it is?
Posted 11:23am 31/3/10
i just found teh demo s***:

game didnt engage me, animations were clunky, shooting guns didnt feel cool;

i was able to run down a ridiculously steep hill with no issue

vehicles werent fun to drive, grappling hook didnt do it for me (i prefer the q2ctf grappling hook)

pretty much everything i was looking forward to, disappointed me

i had a run around for 30 minutes or however long the demo lasts and havent touched it since
Posted 12:25pm 31/3/10
I actually liked the demo, wouldn't pay 100 bucks for this game but ordering it online is worth it.

Posted 12:45pm 31/3/10
I can't play it. the controls are just horrid. It's to laggy with the mouse input feel. The sensitivty is fine, just the camera swaying makes it feel really laggy.
Posted 04:26pm 31/3/10
Turn off vsync, and if you really want it, force it in the gfx cards drivers.
The game seems to do this time slowing thing to aid the vsync, but all it does is f*** up all your timing.

Surfed a roadster tied to a 4x4 tied to a jumbo, into a mountain.

Posted 04:30pm 31/3/10
Ah ta man, i'll give it a try
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