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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:25am 29/03/10 | 15 Comments
Tis Monday once again, which means it's time for us to give you the goods on what games you should be getting excited about purchasing this week. Unfortunately this week actually sucks for releases with barely anything in sight.

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom - Collector's Edition hits EB Games on the 30th (Tuesday) as does the Empire: Total War Gold Edition (both obviously for PC). Finally, Mount & Blade: Warband arrives on Steam March 31st.

See - sucky week. At least we have a break to save some cash, it's been pretty damn hectic up until now. As always, anything we've missed tell us about in the Comments section.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:38am 29/3/10
Settlers 7 from Ubisoft complete with gamer friendly Uber-DRM. O well.
Posted 11:39am 29/3/10
Just cause 2 is due 01/04... or atleast i think it is.
Posted 12:01pm 29/3/10
Yeah, but JC2 also came out on Steam last Friday. Had a blast with it over the weekend.

I really want to play Settlers 7 but I really don't want to encourage Ubisoft's s***** DRM. For me, all they need to do is soften the DRM enough so you can play single player with needing a constant connection to the Auth server. That stuff is fine for Online Multiplayer but f*****g pointless for Single Player
Posted 12:04pm 29/3/10
Aye same, their DRM makes it a total no-goer.

It can be pirated and will have the DRM problem fixed soon enough, so I don't understand why they do it so hard a for single player game.

I understand the whole use of copyright measures to increase the first week or 2's sales, where the majority of purchases happen. However this DRM is so invasive it would surly be hurting the golden weeks of sales?
Posted 02:23pm 29/3/10
It can be pirated
Really? AC2 is still not cracked.
surly be hurting the golden weeks of sales?
What were the sales figures like for AC2, anyone know?
Posted 02:25pm 29/3/10
I'm sure it will be cracked in time, I think AC2 is half working or somesuch.

Who knows.
Posted 02:41pm 29/3/10
Half working? Up until the point it hits a protection trigger you mean.

Some of those starforce games weren't cracked for a year or more, one of the splinter cell games iirc. Sure there were workarounds with virtual drives and s***, but it was far from the user friendly piracy everyone is used to.
Starforce was really only dropped due to bad publicity (killing drives), ubisoft has decided they don't care about that anymore it seems, and they are willing to sacrifice some short term negative publicity for perceived long term gains.
Posted 02:44pm 29/3/10
Right now I see a lot of people boycotting and refusing to buy UBISOFT. I know I am one of them.

If UBISOFT decide to re-release these games without the hostile game killing DRM, I'll happily pick 'em up. ...but as it stands right now... I'm happy to buy games released by different different publishers.
Posted 02:53pm 29/3/10
I'm happy to buy games released by different different publishers.
I think thats part of the problem ubi will face, right now a pirate will just skip AC2 and pirate something else rather than buy AC2, but if/when all games have this protection, pirates will either have to buy games or not play them at all.
Kind of like vaccines, they are almost pointless unless 90% of people get them.
Posted 03:02pm 29/3/10
Half working? Up until the point it hits a protection trigger you mean.

i read that theres a fully working crack being used by the scene and that they dont want to release it to the public. probably lies though.
Posted 03:04pm 29/3/10
Kind of like vaccines, they are almost pointless unless 90% of people get them.
Hahah what?
Posted 03:09pm 29/3/10
Was referring to that, probably overstated the pointless part.
Posted 04:29pm 29/3/10
The 'scene' saying they do it for fun and not for public release is total bulls***, they are in it for the power trip, nothing else.
Posted 04:49pm 29/3/10
Yeah bah you've misunderstood the theory. It's about how immunisation helps protect even the unimmunised people and not the other way around.

Anyway off the topic, your point is still valid.
Posted 05:14pm 29/3/10
Really? AC2 is still not cracked.

AC2 was cracked within 24hours of release.
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