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Post by trog @ 02:24pm 23/03/10 | 18 Comments
Batman: Arkham Asylum has won the 'Best Game' and 'Best Gameplay' awards at the prestigious British Academy Video Game Awards (BAFTA) last week:
®It's fantastic for Batman: Arkham Asylum to win such prestigious awards,® said Lee Singleton, General Manager of Square Enix London Studios. ®To receive recognition from the British Academy is a huge honour and reflects the passion and dedication of everyone involved in the game.®
The game has been very well received by Australian gamers (we gave it a rockin' 9.5/10; if you haven't tried it yourself make sure you grab the PC demo and check it out. If you're interested in buying it, make sure you check out our Buy page, which contains a list of links to retailers and their respective prices.

batman: arkham asylum
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:31pm 23/3/10
well deserved, such a brilliant game. was really worried that they were going to stuff it up (being a comic nerd) but the game went beyond my expectations.
Posted 02:32pm 23/3/10
more like the BATfas.....
Posted 02:34pm 23/3/10
Posted 02:45pm 23/3/10
Posted 03:27pm 23/3/10
it was polished but i dont really think it brought anything new to the table.
Posted 03:29pm 23/3/10
i would have preferred uncharted 2 winning. im glad mw2 won nothing.
Posted 04:04pm 23/3/10
the prestigious British Academy Video Game Awards

I think Uncharted 2 doesn't quite meet the requirements to win.
Posted 04:23pm 23/3/10
what requirement? they dont need to be made by british developers to win. uncharted 2 won best action game, story, audio and original score. left4dead 2 won best multiplayer. all non british games.

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Posted 04:21pm 23/3/10
Posted 04:39pm 23/3/10
Well, s***.

Still, I guess Arkham Asylum had the home court advantage, might have helped it win best game.

last edited by Khel at 16:39:56 23/Mar/10
Posted 04:43pm 23/3/10
Are you suggesting corruption at the prestigious video game awards Khel? Scandal!
Posted 04:48pm 23/3/10
I dunno if its really corruption, but you know, the guys picking the winners are probably british and if they're holding two awesome games, and one of them is british made, they've gotta find themselves leaning in that direction, thats just human nature. Nobody can be completely impartial.

Just seems like in every other awards ceremony stuff like Uncharted 2 and MW2 have been doing a clean sweep and Arkam Asylum never really stood a chance of beating them for best game. But then it comes to the British ones, and its British made, and it wins. Hence why I assumed it was british games only, cos otherwise it seems a bit dodgy :P

Posted 04:58pm 23/3/10
Is the batman game available on PC?
Posted 05:00pm 23/3/10
Posted 05:01pm 23/3/10
Posted 05:05pm 23/3/10
Is the batman game available on PC?
click the helpfully included 'buy page' link!
Posted 05:06pm 23/3/10
and it's freaking rad, even for an overly accessible game.
Posted 05:17pm 23/3/10
So much looking forward to playing it now after Steam had the $22 Batman & Just Cause bundle
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