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Post by trog @ 01:54pm 18/03/10 | 13 Comments
There's a saying at Firaxis - "it's never Civilization if Ghandi doesn't threaten you with a nuke". We got to check out Civilization 5 at GDC last week, and fans of the old school will be pleased to note that it's looking like it captures the spirit of the previous games, while at the same time adding some interesting new features that offer a new take in terms of gameplay.

We were treated to a 15 minute presentation showing off some of the features at a pretty high level; the game is looking really nice even at this pre-alpha stage and I for one definitely can't wait to see how it progresses. Take a look at our Civilization 5 preview for more details.

civilization 5gdc 2010

Latest Comments
Posted 01:56pm 18/3/10
"it's never Civilization if Ghandi doesn't threaten you with a nuke"

I lol'd
Posted 02:06pm 18/3/10
Nice writeup trog. I have to say that this is the game I'm most looking forward to this year. Absolutely love the civ series.
Posted 02:25pm 18/3/10
Bring back Hammurabi!
Posted 02:51pm 18/3/10
Can't wait to burn many hours on this. Looks great, nice preview.

The no stacking's going to really shake things up.
Posted 02:55pm 18/3/10
The more I think about it the more I like the no stacking thing, I never really found civ battles engaging beyond "will my stack defending this square outlast their stack of attacking units? jesus nooo my tank"
Posted 03:16pm 18/3/10

nailed it. civ 4 was epic in every way except for the combat system imo.
Posted 04:28pm 18/3/10
jesus nooo my tank


I didn't play Civ4 much (played a lot of Civ Revolution on the Iphone though) but I'm looking forward to getting into this. Combat system over-haul sounds good.
Posted 04:39pm 18/3/10
Actually now I'm seeing this as waves of units trying to push against each other, trying to hold the line. Sounds even more awesome.
Posted 05:36pm 18/3/10
Spent most of my senior years at high school playing Civ II on Deity. Love the civ series.
Posted 02:35am 20/3/10
Been playing since Civ2 back in high school and I'm still giving Civ4 a good thrashing!
Hexes are long overdue which will hopefully give the game a more natural feel.

Perhaps I should hibernate this winter in preparation for sleepless nights ahead ...
Posted 04:51am 20/3/10
Have they fixed phalanx vs tank yet?
Posted 11:24am 20/3/10
My elite phalanx will pwn your tanks. What you don't know is that in the future the phalanx managed to gather up some C4.
Posted 11:44am 20/3/10
c4 on a stick? heh

goddamn i want this game to be out already!!@#!
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