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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:19pm 17/03/10 | 23 Comments
AusGamers' own nuclear fallout expert, Chad Drake (well, not really), has been slumming it up with the ruskies in Moscow's subway system, bouncing between encampments and battling supernatural forces in a post-apocalyptic Russia, as realised by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Metro 2033 is a very bleak and oft colourless game for all the right reasons, and Chad took it through its review paces, looking at both the PC and 360 version to keep a balanced review for you, whichever system you play your games on. Rest assured though, Metro 2033 is no slouch of a game, delivering a tight narrative, great visuals and a compelling foundation for gameplay engagement.

Click here for the full review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:20pm 17/3/10
Posted 07:27pm 17/3/10
hmm cos I dunno how to edit the above post, noticed this typo:

"checked out both the this and Xbox 360."
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:29pm 17/3/10
cheers d^ - fixed
Posted 07:31pm 17/3/10
who uses 'B' for crouch?!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:35pm 17/3/10
people who play FPS on console
Posted 07:51pm 17/3/10
How big of a game is it time wise...?
Posted 09:05pm 17/3/10
Seems like the sort of interesting thing that I would grab, if my plate wasn't already full to overflowing with games to play. Still barely scratched the surface of FF13, still haven't finished Heavy Rain, got a bit of Darksiders going on the side, Bioshock 2 on my PC, and Gow3 landing tomorrow.

Maybe by the time I've finished all those there'll be a deal for it on Steam and I can pick it up cheaper :P
Posted 10:14pm 17/3/10

I have heard differing opinions on this matter.

I am the kinda guy who likes bullets to actually do damage to people when they get shot, so this rules out for me at least games like team fortress 2 and borderlands.

Are the bullets actually effective or are the enemies all bullet sponges?
Posted 12:35am 18/3/10
No comparison to STALKER Steve?
Is this game like STALKER in an urban setting? (not a bad thing necessarily)
Posted 12:39am 18/3/10
Are the bullets actually effective or are the enemies all bullet sponges?

If you don't get the jump on them with a fully overcharged sniper rifle then they are just sponges... when you manage to hit them. Accuracy is so low in this. Oh and there is also the whole "can't see more than 5 feet in front of you without it looking like someone went spastic with the photoshop blur tool" deal. So when you are able to actually SEE the monsters, you won't be able to hit them due to the crappy guns, and the odd bullet that does hit, is s*** damage.
Posted 08:35am 18/3/10
I have played through the first hour of this. So far I'm liking it :) But I can imagine once I get my hands on GoW3 the time will disappear quickly.

The narrative is well done, which I think is necessary to keep me interested. The game also has a lot of atmosphere, for want of a better word. The graphics are outstanding, the first game in a while to actually make me put the settings down to normal because my aging 8800 doesn't quite handle the higher settings. I wouldn't mind seeing this on in DX11 to see how it compares.

There are game mechanics that, slowly over time, makes you feel more claustrophobic (even in open areas). Your gas mask will run low, causing labored breathing, your flashlight will run low on battery causing it to dim, and as you take damage you field of vision tends to narrow and get blurry. The cheaper weapons also overheat fast.

This game doesn't baby the player, which I like. Some people want everything explained, others like to use a bit of that gray matter even when playing an FPS. I would say it aims at the more hardcore crowd who don't mind a bit of fail-retry at times.

As an aside, there are crazy trip-out moments in the game which mix things up a bit. Since I'm not far in though, none of it has been explained and none of it makes much sense.
Posted 10:41am 18/3/10
Is it just me or does anyone else enjoy the rough edges of a game like this? The gun play isnt smooth or COD like and the animations arent always perfect. It just goes with the whole flavour of the game.

I also dont mind the bullet sponge, gives a brutal challenge especially in a single player game. Im sure these tunnels arent teaming with people to shoot, so less targets that take more damage again sounds like it fits to me.
Posted 10:55am 18/3/10
This one has gained my interest, am looking forward to playing it.
Posted 11:09am 18/3/10
couldn't read the whole thing, but is this singleplayer only? how many hours would you say it takes to finish? :) sorry
Posted 11:45am 18/3/10
The price just dropped on Steam from $80 to $50, what the hell?
Posted 12:07pm 18/3/10
Good, US$80 for a digital-distribution game is ludicrous.
Posted 12:17pm 18/3/10
I agree, it's just both BC2 and this have both suddenly dropped in price to $50.
Posted 01:46pm 18/3/10
Yea, you will prob find that it was never that much on the US store anyway, steam has a habit of ramping the price up for Australian users.
Posted 04:07pm 18/3/10
Go into jb hi-fi to buy this game, it has the trade in 3 for free sticker on it. Go to counter, 'ehhh sorry we cant do the 3 for free trade today, the computer says its not active for this game till tomorrow', but it has a sticker on the box??

Someone f***ed up.
Posted 04:08pm 18/3/10
breach of TPA?
Posted 04:16pm 18/3/10
I dont know, I hassled and hassled asked em to put the games through as regular trades I dont see the big deal but they would not budge. 'The computer will not allow me to do that'. I hassled heaps and I managed to get myself a FREE SHIRT for my troubles, woohooo.

I actually went to another jb hi-fi down the road and they had taken it off the shelf completely for this reason.

As you can tell I am pretty keen to play this game.
Posted 04:19pm 18/3/10
...Computer says No.
Posted 08:29pm 19/3/10
Nah man, tell them that they advertised it and they have to do it.

I got a mega cheap quality HIFI systems because the place I got it failed with their price tag skills. They had to give it to me muahaha
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