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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:53pm 16/03/10 | 7 Comments
NamcoBandai (formerly Atari here in Australia), have been nice enough to hook AusGamers up with some exclusive screens for their recently revealed shooter, Bodycount.

Bodycount is the brainchild of Stuart Black, a former Criterion lad who also worked on the original Xbox shooter, Black (funny that), which itself was essentially an action movie homage dressed up as a shooter - it's looking like Black's legacy somewhat lives on here with Bodycount looking every bit as over-the-top as it should.

Check out the exclusive screens below or click here to go directly to the gallery.


Latest Comments
Posted 08:13pm 16/3/10
Nearly all these shots are showing the same thing... can't say they peak my interest and i still remember how fail dragon rising was.
Posted 09:24pm 16/3/10
While it may be a cool game, those are some really uninteresting screenshots.
Posted 09:25pm 16/3/10
as uninteresting as they are.. they are exclusive... Exclusive!.. that use to mean something.
Posted 09:36pm 16/3/10
Whats this got to do with dragon rising? That was a codemasters game.

I'm willing to give this the benefit of the doubt, cos I played Black on XBox back in the day and it was pretty damn fun.
Posted 09:41pm 16/3/10
Dear publishers, turn on AA you stupid jerks.
Posted 10:05pm 16/3/10
Khel, Bodycount is a Codemasters game, the guy who did Black is doing Bodycount, for Codemasters.

Lets hope he can be a good FPS influence on CM, but being of console FPS fame I'm not holding my breath.
Posted 10:06pm 16/3/10
Right enough of that, it's silly. NEXT SKETCH!!!! (said in my best John Cleese voice.)
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