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Post by Dan @ 02:34pm 16/03/10 | 17 Comments
Thanks to Torchlight publisher Perfect World International, AusGamers has a big stack of closed beta keys for another one of their forthcoming titles to giveaway - Heroes of Three Kingdoms [apologies for the false start last week].
Known as the Chibi in China, Heroes of Three Kingdoms is based on one of historys greatest battles and not only gives players the opportunity to experience the chaos first hand, but also the chance to rewrite pivotal moments in Chinese history.
Please note that a game client is not yet available for Heroes of Three Kingdoms (March 16th 2010), this key giveaway is so that players can redeem a key to ensure their closed beta participation in preparation for a yet-to-be-specified April launch.

Hopefully when the client is released, we'll be able to host a local download mirror.

To snag yourself a key to the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms closed beta test, just point your browsers right over this way.

heroes of the three kingdomsclosed betakeyschibiperfect world

Latest Comments
Posted 02:39pm 16/3/10
Page says:
Submit the form below to snag a key.

Page lies. There is no form on that link to get keys?
Posted 02:44pm 16/3/10
Is no form? What the duce?
Posted 02:51pm 16/3/10
can't see a link :(
Posted 02:56pm 16/3/10
Searched for form and did not see it either. If keys are on offer and no form available, please feel free to PM details.
Posted 02:58pm 16/3/10
Sorry folks, forgot to check the 'keys available' box =]. Carry on then.
Posted 03:39pm 16/3/10
Ta Dan
Posted 04:28pm 16/3/10
Yoink! Looks interesting.
Posted 05:01pm 16/3/10
on that note, i have a closed beta cd key i wish to sell. offers?
Posted 05:23pm 16/3/10
Can't find a website for this game so can't tell if i'll like it. Also last beta thing I signed up for here never worked once. Could never log in and then I got a "your account is corrupt and is now deleted" email from the admins of the game. Good stuff.
Posted 05:33pm 16/3/10
haha yeah Mytheon was a massive fail. apparently they fixed those issues but you had to go and make a new account.
Posted 06:09pm 16/3/10
Any game made by those that made torchlight is going to be f****g amazing imo. Torchlight is one of my favorate games, full of polish and the modding community is going great.
Posted 10:01am 17/3/10
This better be great, I love the history and stories that came out of the Three Kingdoms era
Posted 12:02pm 17/3/10
I can't find any info on this game. Anyone have a link to some info? And screenshots?
Posted 06:59pm 17/3/10
Some info here...http://hotk.perfectworld.com/
That's all I could find.
Posted 01:25am 18/3/10
Posted 03:04am 18/3/10
Some info here...http://hotk.perfectworld.com/
That's all I could find.

Looks like their ki is well over 9000
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