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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:48am 15/03/10 | 11 Comments
During some talking (of which he does a lot) at GDC, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux might have let the cat out of the bag in regards to Fable III expanding beyond the Xbox 360 and possibly onto PC. Well, a few cryptic remarks from him and a job posting have lead the internet to believe so.

"We still haven't really talked about, 'Are there any other platforms for Fable that we should be talking about now?'", he apparently said to Gamespot. In the meantime a job posting found over at Blues News asks for a programmer with skills in "converting and maintaining the network code of the Xbox 360 version of this game to the PC, and enabling the Xbox 360 version and the PC version to play together", leading us to believe we might not only be seeing Fable III arriving on the PC platform, but also allowing players from 360 and PC to play together.

Of course this is Molyneux and Lionhead, so take it as you will.

fable 3lionheadpeter molyneuxxbox 360pc
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:53am 15/3/10
Wish he would get over Fable and start working on Populous: The End.
Posted 12:01pm 15/3/10
EA owns the Populous license.
Posted 12:45pm 15/3/10
It will probably get bumped off the list at last minute like 99% of the features he say's or eludes to being in his games.
Posted 01:21pm 15/3/10
I watched some IGN videos of Peter blathering on about fable 3. They get simple, sometimes even obvious concepts, work them into the game, then Peter blathers on about it being a massive gaming revolution because of this feature. Then the game releases and its either poorly implemented, or actually has very little effect. Sometimes it's well implemented, but still not as amazing as he makes out to be.

Does anyone remember the interview where he's going on about the dog and the choices you can make in fable 2?
Posted 01:36pm 15/3/10
Spoiler: I let everyone die and ressed my dog. F*** everyone elses happiness. Also i had no idea who was dead because for some reason i was totally angelic and so I didn't kill anyone so anyone who would have "died" really were just NPC's i didn't deal with ever and never noticed them gone.

To be fair I loved fable 2. It's doing what final fantasy for some reason can't. It gives a open world, it gives minigames (although every f*****g minigame in fable 2 was broken or random number generation s***), it gives a million sidequests. It gives an arena. It had expansions which were cheap and extended gameplay with the characters I enjoyed playing. The combat system was simple but diverse giving you experience in the way that you played (heavily melee magic meant no exp for the gun which i only used to get the bonus in combat exp).

Everyone bashed on Fable 2's co-op. But I didn't mind it. Sure, you could exploit it to run a lowbie through everything and have a high second player just seeding exp, but that wasn't fun so you didn't waste your time. Sure if the other player was a c*** you couldn't go anywhere. But for just the simple tasks of owning an arena match? That was cool. I just wish you could have vs'd each other (although that would probably be the least balanced pvp system ever). Oh and yeah, the camera was broken in co-op.

But ignoring all those little bits, playing co-op Fable 2 was not that much different from playing co-op secret of mana. Which I enjoyed :)

As for the dog? He was useless as digging was unneccessary.

I heard this time they're going on about weapons being EXP. That isn't new. It shouldn't be hearaled as new. I don't like it because I like levelling up. I levelled up 5 different characters on wow over 5 years. I finished every final fantasy and nearly 100%'d (i never got enemy skills) most of them. I grind diablo occasionally for fun. I played torchlight. But who knows, I enjoyed the sphere grid in FFX which was unconventional levelling. That was okay too. Maybe I'll find the weapons in this aren't as bad as i thought.
Posted 03:14pm 15/3/10
After Fable 2 failed to really live up to the level of hype that dribbled out of his mouth I won't be holding my breath.
Posted 03:20pm 15/3/10
I have Fable II and i gotta admit, i played it for about an hour and got bored of it. Haven't touched it since. Is it worth picking up and finishing?
Posted 04:48pm 15/3/10
yeah crack it was pretty enjoyable. there are much worse out there that is for sure.
Posted 07:34pm 15/3/10
Fable 1 and 2 are not bad games, quite enjoyable, if you picked it up off the shelf and played it you would have a great time if your into action adventure games with rpg elements.

If however you are one who follows a game development on the internet then you have to ignore everything Peter Molyneux says to enjoy it.
Posted 10:58am 05/4/10
then again....lionhead is now owned by luck...i would really like it to be so though...
Posted 04:34pm 05/4/10
I have Fable II and i gotta admit, i played it for about an hour and got bored of it. Haven't touched it since. Is it worth picking up and finishing?

I picked it up for $25 in a bargain bin, I played it through till the end very disappointed I was looking forward to a boss battle but instead just a hole bunch of story and lore.
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