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Post by Dan @ 03:28pm 11/03/10 | 11 Comments
Following their GDC 2010 press conference in San Francisco earlier today, Sony have now released a whole bunch of new media from the newly revealed games they are developing in-house to take advantage of their PlayStation Move motion controller for the PS3.

Additionally, we also have some new images from the hotly anticipated God of War 3, and the upcoming Taxidermist DLC for the recently released Heavy Rain. Phew!

God of War 3

Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist DLC

Motion Fighter (Working Title)

The Shoot (Working Title)

Sports Champions

Sliders (Working Title)

Move Party (Working Title)

Brunswick Pro Bowling

TV SuperStars

All titles of course exclusive to PlayStation 3. God of War 3 lands next Thursday March 18th 2010, The Taxidermist DLC for Heavy Rain is looking to launch within the next month (but yet to be confirmed) and all the PlayStation move motion control games are yet to be dated but expected to launch alongside or soon after the Move peripheral itself this spring (U.S. Fall).

god of war 3heavy rainthe taxidermistdlcmotion fighterthe shootslidersmove partybrunswick pro bowlingtv superstarsscreenshotsgod of war 3

Latest Comments
Posted 04:03pm 11/3/10
f*** yeah looks good :)

motion fighter looks pretty cool
Posted 04:12pm 11/3/10
sliders look awesome. I must get a playstation 3 just for god of war series and heavy rain
Posted 04:35pm 11/3/10
haha sliders look hilariously awesome!
Posted 04:39pm 11/3/10
@kettels I bought my ps3 purely for Heavy Rain and FF13.
So glad I did. not to mention the free blu ray player I got :D
Posted 01:45am 12/3/10
for all your blu-ray pron.
Posted 01:55am 12/3/10
Got excited thinking Sliders might have been a game based on the old tv series, and then was a little bit disappointed when it wasn't :( But it still looks like a pretty rad idea anyway!
Posted 11:51am 12/3/10
Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist DLC

Woahh fix you're bugs first before releasing a DLC.
Posted 05:40pm 12/3/10
Gee that was constructive Viper. are you 10?
Posted 07:55pm 12/3/10
defensive coz it's true!
Posted 08:09pm 12/3/10
Posted 10:16pm 12/3/10
^^iWhat?^^ <-- just me or does that object she's holding look rather phallic?

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