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Post by Dan @ 11:15am 11/03/10 | 23 Comments
Confirming the rumours following yesterday's leaked trademark filing, Sony have officially revealed the "Move" the long expected motion controller for the PlayStation 3 - revealing the name of the device at the 2010 Game Developers Confernce today in San Francisco.

The device appears to be much the same as the wii-remote with a glowing coloured globe on the end that cooperates with the PlayStation Eye camera to interpret the player's position and movements. Demonstrations included using two Move controllers in tandem in a combat game (working title: Motion Fighter), a Wii-sports style game (Sports Champions) with very fluid movement as well as a custom build of Little Big Planet where one player uses the regular PS3 controller as the sackboy character and the other uses the Move control to manipulate objects in the environment.

Finally, they demonstrated a PlayStation move "sub-controller", a septate device that works in tandem with the move and features more input buttons. The third person shooter SOCOM 4 was demonstrated using the move to aim the crosshair and the sub-controller to move the character, change weapons etc. SOCOM 4 is promised to be playable from start to finish with the PlayStation Move.

"Every third party publisher is on-board"; many games in development at third parties for the Move.

Update: Official details can now be found here in Sony's Press Release, along with an assortment of photos in this image gallery.

The GDC 2010 Reveal promotional video can now be found here on AusGamers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:25pm 11/3/10
So I am at this event right now. Amazingly they have wireless! Anyone have any questions other than 'is it basically the same as wii?'
Posted 12:27pm 11/3/10
Are all these accessories sold seperately? What price range are we talking? Will all future games have access to these features?

and trog, in your personal opinion, does it actually look good?

that's all i've got.
Posted 12:40pm 11/3/10
Is this the start of a flood of a bunch of shovelware titles for the ps3 or are there going to be proper AAA titles utalising this new accessory, in other words are they doing a big push with this or just releasing it as another accessory like the PSeye?

Cheers trog man.
Posted 12:50pm 11/3/10
There's going to be a 'starter pack' for around us$100 which will include the base controller, eyetoy and a game. There's a separate mini controller with joystick which I think is sold separately.

They are making new games with support for it, like socom 4. I would guess most games will have basic support at least.

As to whether it looks good... It is neat. They have focused on accuracy and precision - those two words were said about ten thousand times in the presentation. It looks VERY smooth. More so than wii. Not enough to make me run out and buy a ps3 but enough to make me think more about buying one, knowing it will have wii-like capabilities.
Posted 12:53pm 11/3/10
Viper: unsure.

Heh I have heard a bunch of people start their sentences here with the words "if it wasn't for the wii..." which is pretty much how I feel. Lots of people look very excited though maybe that is because Sony has an open bar with c***tails, and not just the usual beer and wine.

I really want to try the table tennis game as I am a big fan of pong bit none of the stations seem to have it. Going to resume search.
Posted 12:57pm 11/3/10
Thanks troggles! :)
Posted 01:00pm 11/3/10
There goes the wii CU later!
Posted 01:01pm 11/3/10
better / worse than natal ?
Posted 01:15pm 11/3/10
That 1st guy using it in the video looked like the biggest tool. I'm on the fence about this. On 1 side it could be quite cool to have games that properly support the feature. On the other however it looks like a glowing, colour changing ball on the end of a remote and looks very gimmicky. What would be much better, but sadly almost impossible to do is add some type of force feedback into this.

EDIT - For FPS's this thing would be pretty crap i'd think. I hate the idea of holding the aiming icon near the edge of the screen in order to move the camera. Why can't they realise that this is retarded and make use of a button that when held down, takes away your aiming icon and instead moves the ENTIRE camera? At least give us the option to not have to play like gimps.

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Posted 01:29pm 11/3/10
better / worse than natal ?
wouldn't hazard an opinion yet. Don't want to base anything on ore alpha games. I think it will be make or break depending on games and how they're integrated.

My big question I guess is: is this a "there can be only one" scenario? So many people have wiis already for these sorts of games. Sony was very clear to say they're going for core gamers as well - hence the socom demo. They also made a point of mentioning it's not just sit and flick your wrists for some games. You have to be up punching the crap out of the air. Good for realism I guess but might reduce accessibility a little bit if you need to be a pro athlete to make it through 5 rounds of a boxing game.
Posted 02:51pm 11/3/10
I still don't see how this is going to cater for the hardcore gamer. Similarly to the wee i can see it predominately targeting the casual gamer.

Surely they don't expect me to put my hands together to shoot out a hadaucken in Street Fighter. What about the more complex moves and combos...that's just one example of one type of genre..
Posted 03:25pm 11/3/10
Lots of people look very excited though maybe that is because Sony has an open bar with c***tails, and not just the usual beer and wine.

Haha this puts reports into an interesting perspective. They could be shovelling s*** on a stick and the people would probably still be excited!
Posted 03:43pm 11/3/10
Good for realism I guess but might reduce accessibility

isn't that what hardcore is all about?
Posted 04:41pm 11/3/10
I think potentially this could have me buying my single player FPS on PS3 instead of 360 in the future, so I think that alone is a boost for sony.

Natal, from what i can imagine anyway, would have no reasonable way to do FPS games
Posted 05:13pm 11/3/10
Good for realism I guess but might reduce accessibility

isn't that what hardcore is all about?
good question. I guess for me anyway, hardcore is about getting the movements my brain wants to make to the metal and silicon and software as fast and efficiently and accurately as possible. For FPS, which is really the only genre I care about to any great extent, and rts, the only controller that really does what I want in that regar is the mouse and keyboard combo.

The socom 4 demo certainly didn't make me go "oh yeh finally a console controller for fps!!!:&&".

edit: that said it certainly seemed playable and I would have to assume it's better than a regular console controller!@#
Posted 04:57pm 11/3/10
Any mention on already released titles getting updates to use "move"?
re so
Posted 05:07pm 11/3/10
How many c***tails have you had? What kind?
Posted 05:17pm 11/3/10
Any mention on already released titles getting updates to use "move"?
How many c***tails have you had? What kind?
none. I had a beer and some mini-burgers that are all the rage at events like this.

I'll post a bit more of a summary from my notes as well as some photos. I got one of the sony dudes to hold up a bunch of the controllers in this awesome photo and while I was taking photos, about forfty thousand other people thought it would be a great photo too so it's probably all over the interwebs by now :(:
Posted 05:54pm 11/3/10
isn't this old? or is it all hyped out now cause it's due for release soon?

Posted 06:39pm 11/3/10
trog, I'll be there tomorrow, I'll keep an eye out for you :)
Posted 06:55pm 11/3/10
Shacknews reckons it sucks, especially for FPS.
Posted 08:32pm 11/3/10
That...that looks f*****g win. Thank you martz!
Posted 08:34pm 11/3/10
Did you get any technical specs from the booth guy?
Stuff like what accelerometers they use, the resolution etc. And whether or not they use a standard HID type bluetooth interface so that hackers can interface them to PCs etc (like with the Wiimotes).
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