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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:01pm 09/03/10 | 16 Comments
We've dug up a batch of Fallout: New Vegas screens, direct from Obsidian who are working on the highly anticipated sequel to 2008's Fallout 3.

Overall things are definitely looking very familiar in the tech department, with a lot of the same visual assets clearly being carried across from Bethesda's effort, along with other elements such as the same Pip-Boy HUD and conversation options. But we can gleam a few new tidbits from these which include new mutated enemies, a new companion command wheel and cross-dressing super mutants.

Either way, it's looking good, though we'd really like to see some proper first-person screens and more varied landscapes (different weather perhaps?). Click here for even more.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:30pm 09/3/10
still annoyed there's character importing
Posted 04:22pm 09/3/10
I'm annoyed at the landscape. F*** why not just give us another DLC?
looks exactly the same, So not excited for this game now.
Posted 04:28pm 09/3/10
looks to much like FO3 for my liking, not that i didnt love FO3 just would like something a bit different
Posted 04:40pm 09/3/10
nothing will destroy my optimism for this game. stop being downers!
Posted 04:49pm 09/3/10
lets hope the PC version doesn't crash as much as FO3
Posted 04:59pm 09/3/10
does character importing means a chance to increase to the level cap? won't they have massive issues trying to re-balance the way leveling works?
Posted 05:10pm 09/3/10
Fallout 2 looked almost exactly like Fallout 1 and it was still pretty awesome.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:15pm 09/3/10
oops, didn't even see what I'd posted - sorry konstie, I meant I'm annoyed there's NO character importing - it's all start from scratch
Posted 05:56pm 09/3/10
Not shaw witch port i should get this for. Ran fine on my pc till thay updated it and downloaded dlc and then heaps of crashing issues. or go for the xbox 360 version????
Posted 06:04pm 09/3/10
Not shaw witch port i should get this for. Ran fine on my pc till thay updated it and downloaded dlc and then heaps of crashing issues. or go for the xbox 360 version????

i would argue go for PC version for the ability to use console / mods etc. but that's my opinion.
Posted 06:10pm 09/3/10
I wouldn't disagree konstie, but the ability to use console/mods isn't compelling if the game keeps crashing though.

If the crashing can't be resolved then I'd be inclined to call it refund time. One thing to keep in mind when going down the Xbox 360 path is that the platform is generally behind the curve and usually more expensive when it comes to DLC. Does the 360 have the original game + all six or whatever DLC packs in one box yet?
Posted 06:10pm 09/3/10
You make a point! I would like to keep true to the P.C! only got xbox for the force unleashed
Posted 06:13pm 09/3/10
Thay just need to bring a new patch out NOW! i heard that thay have finished with fallout 3 now so no deal!
Posted 10:08pm 09/3/10
yeah Dazhel theres a GOTY edition out with all the dlc.
Posted 12:56am 10/3/10
Eh, I got bored of FO3. It was just so eh. Too much hype.
Posted 03:14am 10/3/10
Same I replayed Fallout 1 & 2 SOOOOOO many times. So many options, in Fallout 1 you can finish the game by killing 1 person only. You can play the game and have very interesting effects with an INT of 1 and so on.

Fallout 3... it was OK, I didn't find it as enjoyable at all. Also the walking animation SUCKS, you skate ffs.

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